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Drinks for wedding guests

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stopthenoise Mon 15-Jul-13 16:03:07

OK, we're getting married next August in a hotel. We're on a really tight budget and got an all in deal for just over £1000. The only thing it doesn't include is drinks. We can pay extra for a drink for the speeches and meal and obviously buy bottles of wine for the table but their prices are ridiculous. I think we should at least add a drink for the speeches and meal but OH thinks we shouldn't because of the cost. His thinking is what we would pay for drinks could go towards something more important. He said if people want drinks they can get them, they should be coming to share our day not for a free piss up shock In a way he's right but I don't think our guests should go dry! Any advice?

JRmumma Fri 04-Oct-13 16:04:30

IMO it would be very bad form not to pay for wine with the meal. You might as well send your guests out to McDonalds to feed themselves.

i think your OH is being very short sighted about exactly what 'coming to share your day' entails and so the least you can do is buy them a couple of glasses of wine. I'm sure no one is expecting you to foot the bill for them to get shit faced.

NoComet Fri 04-Oct-13 16:21:23

Yes please to a bottle of lemonade or a carton of orange juice for non drinkers.

It's an utter pain sitting down to dinner and then realisig some one is going to have to go to the bar for drinks for DD2 and my non drinking Ddad.

DD1 drinks DDads share of the wine/champagne, I pretend not to notice.

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