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Can it be done for £1000?

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TheBreastmilksOnMe Fri 17-May-13 22:08:12

So I've set myself a challenge for next year. To get married with a budget of £1000. Is it do-able? Anyone else done it? (recently) would love to hear your stories, warnings or tips and advice.

SugarMiceInTheRain Fri 17-May-13 22:13:14

Yes it can definitely be done! In fact we had a big white church wedding and reception. Venue was free as regular churchgoers. My family are musical so organist and musical items were taken care of. We had friends help us with things as a wedding present to us (eg a friend took the photos, another did flower arrangements, others helped cater it - we did a finger buffet) My dress was £120 from BHS bought ex-hire suits, waistcoats etc for wedding party from a charity shop. Our wedding came in under £1000.

TheBreastmilksOnMe Fri 17-May-13 22:39:01

That's great news Sugar very inspiriational! I like a challenge so here goes! I may have a few questions for you in due course if that's ok?

diamondee Fri 17-May-13 22:53:19

I did mine for £300. Registry office, eBay dress, favours for children only and rented kilts. My mum arranged flowers I bought and then we all went for a meal, just family.
Not something everyone would choose but we had a great day.

diamondee Fri 17-May-13 22:54:48

We had our photos done for free by someone I found on gumtree, looking to build up a folio of their work.

fedupofnamechanging Fri 17-May-13 23:01:34

I did mine for £1400. Most expensive things were the rings, so could have saved money there, but felt they were important because they are worn forever (all being well). Got dress from Monsoon for £160, bought decent camera and had my family take photos. Mum bought flowers and did them herself and we catered it ourselves and had party in the garden. My biggest tip is not to tell suppliers you're booking for a wedding because they just add zeroes to the bill, esp for things like car hire.

It can be done but it will involve a lot of work and will be easier if you have a small wedding.

Best of luck

defineme Fri 17-May-13 23:04:37

Absolutely...what kind of wedding do you want?
Venue/church/guest numbers/food/dress?

Pandemoniaa Sat 18-May-13 20:24:56

Easy! I get married this coming Friday and we'll not go much beyond £1,200 - if that. Admittedly, I have some fantastically generous friends (including one who is a photographer like me and refuses to charge for doing my wedding despite his normal fee starting at £1500) and others who have insisted on making mountains of cake and my very original bouquet.

I'm having a civil wedding in a beautiful Victorian Town Hall - cost of the ceremony being £225. It'll be a family ceremony with dgd as bridesmaid - dress £35 in Debenham's sale! Lunch is going to set us back about £300. We're having a very big but very informal evening do in a pub. Which is costing nothing in theory although I think we'll put another £300 behind the bar for a first drink for everyone.

I'm wearing a steampunk-inspired outfit - and in the spirit of steampunk, none of it is new and all of it adapted creatively. The most expensive parts of the outfit are my corset - £72 and a truly fantastic vintage bowler - £50. Both items will be worn again many times too. DP bought the suit he is wearing for a wedding last year and is very pleased to get more wear out of it!

My ring has been the most expensive item so far but it is a vintage gold and diamond band (about 50 years old) and far, far, cheaper than a new alternative.

We're really not skimping on anything but equally, we're not buying into the travelling circus that the wedding industry would like people to believe is essential. So no chair covers/favours/magicians/chocolate fountains and the like. We don't even need cars because we're walking to the Town Hall and onto lunch afterwards.

If you can avoid the word "wedding" when booking anything, it'll save money. Also, consider avoiding Saturdays if possible. If you are creative and have creative friends, you can make your wedding really reflect what you want without spending ludicrous amounts too.

momb Sat 18-May-13 21:46:19

It can be done for £1000....if you have family or friends who will help...if you are really careful and keep it intimate. Sometimes the most beautiful moments in our lives are born of necessity.
Step away from the wedding magazine, bridal shops and wedding forums. Concentrate on what is important to you, and you will make a perfect day. Congratulations on your engagement grin

raisah Sat 18-May-13 23:29:06

consider joining a wholesalers like makro or costco where you can buy everything in bulk very cheaply. Costco even sell engagement & wedding rings! You can buy bulk quantities of food & drink at cost price so will keep the food bill down.

My brother took my black & white photos and a friend took the coloured ones. My cousin drove me to the venue and a friend did my wedding henna. You will find ways of trimming the bill. If you have the ceremony in church/town hall etc then consider a restaurant for the meal as you will get exclusive use if over a certain no of guests.

My friend had a 4pm wedding followed by a 6pm curry reception catered by the local takeaway. She could afford to invite everyone to the ceremony & reception as she had only one set of catering bills. Also curry for 100 people easily feeds 130 so she was able to do her whole day for £2000 including food.

TheBreastmilksOnMe Tue 21-May-13 19:46:46

I'm getting some great tips thank you for sharing. I am planning a registry office ceremony for close family, mid week, late afternoon then hiring a room in a hotel for 60 guests buffet menu starts at 10.95 per head.

I have about 50 adults and 20 children, what do people do with regards to paying for kids? Do you include the children below the age of 3?

momb Wed 22-May-13 14:23:41

I'm afraid that you have just blown your budget.
registry office ceremony £163, giving notice £70, 70 people for buffet at £10.95 £766.5. Total so far £999.50.
That's without a dress, and drinks, a tie for your groom, a new lipstick, anyone to take photos or a posy of flowers, a taxi to the registry office (or carpark fee if you drive there).
Scarey isn't it? To bring it in under £1000 you may have to eschew the hotel idea and go DIY or cut down on numbers. Is there another hotel you like? £10.95 is inexpensive for a wedding breakfast but buffets can be done more cheaply than that.

Pandemoniaa Wed 22-May-13 20:24:52

Do you include the children below the age of 3?

My dgd (2.6) is my bridesmaid. She's obviously joining us for lunch but we aren't paying for a separate meal since she isn't a huge lunch eater and would much rather eat cheese (or nice things off other people's plates!). However, it might well be that some venues determine whether children have to be paid for regardless.

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