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Las Vegas theme help!!!

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NoGoodAtHousework Mon 18-Mar-13 21:14:20

I am getting married in Vegas and having had no 'exciting ideas' for our reception when we come back have set my heart on a roulette table and blackjack table for the evening.

I figured that with these and the fact I have no other theme (colours or whatever) that I could have a 'Vegas/Casino' type theme.

However, I don't want it to be dead tacky - how do I do it in a nice way? I'm not having flowers so need ideas for centrepieces etc.

I've discovered how un creative and unimaginative I am!!!

Any ideas from you lovelies would be muchos appeciated!!

ButternutSquish Wed 20-Mar-13 13:45:41

Well, how about a black tie type of bash, maybe going down a Rat Pack theme?

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