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A VERY LOW budget wedding!

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debandkids3 Fri 08-Mar-13 12:03:06

I am getting married next year on a very low budget.. I am wondering if anyone has had a wedding reception at a pub and got the guests to pay for their own 'price per head'? I know it sounds cheap but thats all i can do, cheap. please can you help me? Thank you! X

BrittaPerry Sun 10-Mar-13 07:51:51

I got a few of my friends to make my flowers from scraps of cloth :-). We had a session at the hen night and friends sent some in the post, then I sewed them on to a kind of cushion and tied feather boas to the handle :-)

NorksAreMessy Sun 10-Mar-13 07:55:04

Oooh, and there was a LOVELY thing suggested by one Mumsnetter who was handed a flower by each of her relatives and friends and they made up her bouquet, all random and colourful and meaningful. I love that idea

Jayne266 Sun 10-Mar-13 07:57:05

Sorry I don't think I could ever ask people to pay for the food at a wedding.

I hired a room cheap but their buffet price was too expensive so I searched online and found a cheaper alternative.

Lurkymclurker Sun 10-Mar-13 07:57:16

We are having a low budget wedding in may 2014 too smile

We are basically doing things now as we can, have you thought about catering your buffet now? Buying a bit of food and freezing (depends on dates of course) and a beer or two as previously suggested might be a good idea smile

I recently went to a low budget wedding where the bride had made the most of everything! Favours were cupcakes made by a friend giving everyone something to nibble on to start, decorations were home made bunting from scrap fabric, love hearts cut out of newspaper scattered all over the place and cheap chalk boards placed all over for people to write messages.

A friend with a camera set up a photos booth and her hair was styled by college students and makeup done by a friend.

I think what I'm saying is call on everyone you can, you will be surprised at what skills your nearest and dearest have!

Personally I would rather make/provide something than be asked to pay for my own meal smile

thistlelicker Sun 10-Mar-13 08:01:38

When I got married, we only invited 15 people to wedding, we went to the pub next door which I think was a whether spoons, let everyone order off menu and paid for it and a round of drinks! We spent around a grand in our wedding

saintlyjimjams Sun 10-Mar-13 08:03:15

A friend had a post wedding picnic. Looked lovely. You could get away with that in July

saintlyjimjams Sun 10-Mar-13 08:07:23

Tbh I would do something pot luck. So if you provide say champers and some nibbles/salads/cakes then ask people to being either a bottle or food rather than a wedding present. Bet you'll get a huge spread.

And no-one could be offended!

And I'd prob go for a church hall - they're very cheap.

Zoomania Sun 10-Mar-13 08:09:25

Have you considered hiring a village hall? Our local one is about 30 pounds for 3 hrs and is lovely. You can do bring your own booze and I am sure most friends wouldn't mind providing a platter of something and gradually stock pile nibbles etc. hen do could include making crafty table decorations eg jam jars and ribbons and tea lights etc, or bunting.

Hopeforever Sun 10-Mar-13 08:10:23

Just wanted to say how happy it has made me to know that you and your DH to be are putting your marriage above money! It's fantastic that you are not planning on starting your married life with huge debt.

Personally I would far prefer to be invited to the wedding of a friend and pay for my drinks than not go.

As long as you make it clear on the invite what is provided and what needs paying for then your friends and family can make their own minds up if they want to pay and make the effort to travel

Having been to a few low cost weddings as Vicar, I have seen as much joy and celebration in a back garden buffet as a three course sit down meal with wine flowing.

At marriage preparation we keep saying, keep focused on the reason for the day rather than the day alone

Have a wonderful time planning

pinkmagic1 Sun 10-Mar-13 08:11:20

Congratulations! How about a fish and chip supper? I went to a party once and they did this, it was great! I am half way through a cake decorating course, I currently make them for friends and family but hope to be doing them proffessionally soon. I am in nots so depending on where you are in Derbyshire I would be more than happy to do your cake. Would have to charge you for the ingrediants but that is all.

TinyDiamond Sun 10-Mar-13 08:59:15

well seeing as you are in such a beautiful county I would definitely go for hiring a village hall with a green and do the bring a dish thing. plenty of wine you've bought, cakes friends have made and then some games or a bouncy castle on the green if there's any children?

I am in a county next door to you and when I looked into church hall prices it was somewhere between £50-£150 for the day. the only downside to this is that if you wanted a nighttime party you wouldn't be able to go on late.

you could also look into getting a hog roast and then ask guests to still contribute bowls of salad/crisp etc. people will be quite generous I think. my friend is having a festival type wedding in a field after mine and even though its on the south coast we are still happy to take down food contributions

debandkids3 Sun 10-Mar-13 09:02:07

Thank you Norks, i have PM you.

BikeRunSki Sun 10-Mar-13 09:02:35

Hopeforever, what a lovely post. I totally agree too, I have been to an amazingly slick, smart wedding that can't have had much change from £30K. Also afternoon tea in the church hall. Both were lovely.

Astleyleighmum Sun 10-Mar-13 09:04:25

I had a registry office (cost £50) wore my grans dress and had the reception at home!

My friend had their reception in a social club and just paid for a buffet, everyone bought their own drinks.

Astleyleighmum Sun 10-Mar-13 09:06:27

Afternoon tea in village hall sounds lovely! and would be cheap to do too.

AryaStarksDancingMaster Sun 10-Mar-13 09:08:34

I've been to two weddings where the couple asked the guests to bring & share buffet food and/or a bottle, in leiu of gifts. They were both really lovely occasions, especially as everyone was there because they genuinely loved and supported the couple rather than there being a few hangers-on who were there because of being distantly related to them and out for the free booze.

debandkids3 Sun 10-Mar-13 09:08:45

I would just like to thank you all for your advice, tips and best wishes. Hopeforever, i thank you so much for such a lovely post, i see it as if we love each other no amount of money can show that, money doesn't buy happiness in my eyes. Again thank you all so much (thanks)

debandkids3 Sun 10-Mar-13 09:14:24

Thank you very much pinkmagic, i shall PM you. I am new to Mumsnet and i cant believe how generous everyone is. I appreciate all your offers, means so much, thank you smile

littlemissengaged Sun 10-Mar-13 19:20:17

keep your eye on groupon

im in notts and there have been loads of wedding offer.

one on now for Mansfield, 3 course meal for 50 day and 80 night on offer for £1500

we found our photographer on there

debandkids3 Sun 10-Mar-13 20:28:04

Thank you littlemiss, a few friends have told me to look on there too. I'll have a look in morning.

debandkids3 Sun 10-Mar-13 20:57:18

There's so many great ideas that's been given, I will take them all into account. From one Mumsnetter to others, I thank you all so much and I am very greatful for all you opinions and advive. X

aufaniae Mon 11-Mar-13 07:17:16

"Don't invite people if you can't afford to pay for them."

This attitude is what's wrong with modern weddings IMO.

The most important bit of a wedding is the statement of commitment between two people, witnessed by friends and family who mean something to the couple. Drinks, food etc are just fluff. Very nice fluff, but fluff all the same, whether it's cost the couple £30K or £30.

I would much rather pay my own way and be there to witness friends I cared about getting married, than be excluded because they were worried about not being able to afford to buy me a drink! Any real friends don't need to be bought, and will understand you want to actually get married, not wait till you have some money to put on a display of wealth.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest!

I think some of the suggestions on this thread are lovely, and I may well steal for my own wedding smile

"if we love each other no amount of money can show that, money doesn't buy happiness in my eyes."

Absolutely smile It sounds like it will be a lovely day. I'd much rather be at your wedding where it's about people and love, than one where it's become all about matching napkins, flowers and bridesmaids dresses (which at least one of them inevitably hates because she's being made to display her bingo-wings to the world) at the expense of what really matters.

TobyLerone Mon 11-Mar-13 08:12:49

The important part of a wedding is that the couple get married. Friends and family witnessing it... that is 'fluff'. Nothing about the day is more important than the actual marriage. You are no less married if you pull 2 strangers in off the street as witnesses.

So, if you want people there to celebrate with you, that's lovely. But it's odd to 'sell tickets' for your reception by saying "please come to our wedding. That'll be £8.95 each, please".

There are many ways around not doing that, and there are some great ideas on this thread.

debandkids3 Mon 11-Mar-13 08:20:33

All each to their own. I have family and friends that are willing to do 'pay £8.95 ph' if I was going for that option. Yes they are your opinions and I appreciate everyones opinion.

TobyLerone Mon 11-Mar-13 08:33:22

Of course you have people who are willing to pay. I'm sure most of us do. Doesn't mean it's not weird to ask them to.

Anyway, luckily you put this in Weddings, not _Chat or AIBU.
You'd barely have left those boards alive with this question grin

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