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Wedding presents

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FedupofTurkey Mon 25-Feb-13 07:24:52

Do you include with wedding invitation or is that cheeky? We only want vouchers for a furniture place or honeymoon - whats the best way to ask?!

TheFallenMadonna Mon 25-Feb-13 07:31:29

Um, not on MN. Especially for the honeymoon...


PixieHot Mon 25-Feb-13 07:41:02

Include with wedding invitation.

Congratulations smile.

KissingKittyKat Mon 25-Feb-13 11:22:02

It's a minefield! No doubt whatever you do will offend someone.......

A lot of people don't like requests for money, so maybe don't say "money towards a new sofa" or "money towards the honeymoon". Maybe set up one of those lists where people can buy you specific things for your honeymoon, like a meal for two, a day trip etc. Just make sure it's a list where you actually get the gift bought and not just end up getting the money (a fake gift list as I call them). And refer specifically to what people bought you in your thank you notes.

Also bear in mind that some people (esp. older ones in my experience) are more traditional and like to get something individual that you will keep (in line with the original purpose of weddings gifts to help the couple set up home). So you might get a few teapots grin

My brother and SIL did actually ask for money - BUT they asked for money to be split 50 / 50 between their honeymoon and a charity that was close to their heart following SIL's father's death. So they managed to get away with asking for money without looking 'grabby' IFSWIM (and they did also say no need to get us anything, but if you would like to....)

Good luck and congrats!

NotWithoutMyMerkin Mon 25-Feb-13 16:18:41

It's always a touchy subject. We have lived together for years so a traditional list was out. Mostly we weren't bothered about getting presents. So we opened a gift list where we bought out honeymoon (Turquoise) which meant people could buy us physical trips / champagne etc (rather than purely cash although they could also donate cash). We booked the honeymoon on the basis and expectation of getting nothing.
With the invitations we sent a note saying that we would prefer people to spend their hard earned cash on travelling to the wedding (it was up North and a lot of people travelling from abroad and London to get there) as the best gift they could give was to be there on the wedding day to celebrate our wedding. However if they did want to give us a gift we included the link to the honeymoon gift list.
Outcome - some people bought off the list, some people gave cash on the list, some people gave cheques, some people gave us vouchers (eg John Lewis) some people gave us cash in a card, some people gave us champers, and some people gave us nothing. All of it was very much appreciated

VodkaGirl77 Sun 03-Mar-13 21:58:01

We didn't put anything about presents in our invitations at all. Almost all of our guests asked what we would like and we said, honestly we don't expect a present at all, but if you really want to get us something, we would be happy with whatever you choose for us, or Debenhams vouchers. We ended up with a few lovely, very personal wedding presents, quite a lot of Debenhams vouchers and lots of people gave us cash. Am about to start writing thank you cards detailing that people have helped towards new pans, a dinner service, and where appropriate, those who bought us a meal/drink on our honeymoon.

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