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Can I have a tea length wedding dress with long bridesmaid dresses?

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roughtyping Thu 21-Feb-13 21:06:37

Go on. Tell me it's a terrible idea and that I can't do it... grin

Yoghurty Thu 21-Feb-13 21:10:44

I say do it.

But only because my dress is tea length too and I like that idea grin

Lulabellarama Thu 21-Feb-13 21:11:29

You can have whatever you like, style wise, on your wedding day.

roughtyping Thu 21-Feb-13 21:17:25

Oh no you've talked me into it grin

I've actually already bought a dress - but I don't feel too bad for changing it as it was in the Monsoon sale, so not like it was £hundreds. Looking at the beautiful dresses on Dragonfly and have an appointment next week... I've already bought the bridesmaid dresses and I love them. Think I could maybe get a sash in the same colour to tie in... Exciting!

FamiliesShareGerms Thu 21-Feb-13 21:18:19

Your wedding dress would have to look very wedding-y to hold it's own against a group of full length dresses, IMHO

Could the bridesmaid dresses be a shorter length too?

roughtyping Thu 21-Feb-13 21:28:53

Families I've already bought BM dresses

This is the sort of thing I'm looking at

TBH it probably won't happen as I'm 5'1 1/2 (the 1/2 inch is important!) so will in all probability look ridiculous grin

ChaChaDigregorio Thu 21-Feb-13 21:29:23

No, the wedding police will come and take you away.

roughtyping Thu 21-Feb-13 21:32:17

Oh Chacha, that's what I thought... wink

ChaChaDigregorio Thu 21-Feb-13 21:34:16

Have whatever you blooming want. And enjoy it!

roughtyping Thu 21-Feb-13 21:36:57

I shall! Have already changed the date and venue, dress is just small fry really! smile

LondonInHighHeeledBoots Sun 24-Feb-13 15:37:10

Well, I am! Wanna share a ride to the wedding Jail grin ?

I am wearing a tea length but can't find a halfway decent bridesmaid dress I like to 'go with' it, so I am just getting dresses I like that suit my bridesmaids for them, and a dress I like that suits me for me! They are COMPLETELY different, and I could not care less!

fiftyodd Sun 24-Feb-13 15:59:40

You could have the bm dresses shortened by a dressmaker.

chickenfactory Sun 24-Feb-13 16:04:28

Wear both? I did! Although we had a 2day wedding. 'Proper' dress the first day for ceremony, reception etc, then 50's style the next night. Ur wedding ur rules grin

roughtyping Sun 24-Feb-13 16:30:03

Ha chicken that would be amazing!

London jail it is ;) got my appointment on Thursday. Will need to wait & see...

roughtyping Thu 28-Feb-13 21:03:39

eeee have totally ordered a new dress grin it's beeeeaaaauuuutiful!

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