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Help needed with name change.

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1Catherine1 Tue 19-Feb-13 22:11:53

Hi all.

I'm looking for information and google isn't being very helpful so I thought I'd come to you for help.

I got married yesterday to a Spanish man. As you may or may not know, Spanish people have 2 surnames but commonly only use their first one. They get their first surname from their father and the second one from their mother. For my Spanish husband this has caused no end of confusion over the years but I still intended to take one of his names, his first one.

The certificate says [Husband's first name] [First surname] [Second surname]. It is not hyphenated, they are two separate names in two separate categories on his Spanish passport. In the UK though this isn't something we do so the surnames are written together.

During the giving notice appointment I asked the registrar if it was possible to just take his first surname and she said it was, her exact words were that I could be known as anything I wanted, perhaps I should have asked her to elaborate on that then. Anyway, yesterday, in the registry office the lady asked me if I was going to take my husband's surname and I told her that I was but only the first one. So she rubbed out what she had written on the back of the envelope with my marriage certificate and written [Husband's first name] and [my first name] [husband's first surname]. I had expected it to be written somewhere on the actual certificate (having never seen one before) so now I'm not sure.

Any help will be gratefully received.


ilovepowerhoop Wed 20-Feb-13 11:21:33

the marriage certificate just shows the previous name that you had, it doesnt specify what your new surname is going to be. When you go to change your name on your passport, driving licence you specify to them what you want your new surname/s to be and give a copy of the marriage certificate.

1Catherine1 Wed 20-Feb-13 23:22:51

Thank you for that. So I can do what I originally wanted to then by the sounds of it. Fantastic. Thank you for replying.

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