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Help me make my sisters (tasteful.....ish) hen night fun!

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mumblecrumble Thu 24-Jan-13 20:59:56

So... for various reasons my sister's hen night is now much sooner and totally different than planned. My sister has planned an evening at nice hotel place, dinner, murder mystery stuff then disco etc.

Lots of ladies going from girlfriends to grandma's. I want to markt he ocaasion, so its diffferent from any other party for her etc but not neccesarily bring out the chocolate willies...

My brain is fried with other stuff to so would really like your input. I didn;t eally have a hen night and I haven;t really been to anyone else I don;t think. (not cos I am alone and sad.... just my friends seem to be quite spread out and not getting married....)

So.... what about something silly thats not offensive?

Good things for her to wear....

Something for a memory like something for everyone to put a message on while we are at the table for example?

Esker Fri 25-Jan-13 23:20:26

My sister organised a fantastic hen do for me- amongst the many fun/thoughtful things she did that I'd recommend:
On the first night we had a dinner and each person had to bring a 'memorable item' that reminded them of me and explain why- got numerous things ranging from a tin of condensed milk , to a bottle of amaretto, to a copy of Heat magazine. It was also quite a nice way for guests who hadn't net before to get to know each other.
Secondly, she got everyone to write their 'signature dish' on an index card and then stuck them all into a lovely recipe book for me, which is a great souvenir.
She'd also blown up lots of funny pictures of me with family/ friends / fiancé and had put them all over the place.

SilentMammoth Fri 01-Feb-13 20:55:50

I got given a book in which everyone wrote three bits of marriage advice (in retrospect this may have been better coming from married women, I was the first of my friends to get married)

I would recommend reading them properly before letting your Mil look through, I had omitted to note that one was especially, er, blue!!!

AndWhenYouGetThere Sun 03-Feb-13 15:25:24

For my hen evening, we had some games before dinner, and between the courses. My sister organised a game of Pit with personalised photo cards. The aim is to make a full set by swapping cards. Quite a simple game, and an old one, so most generations will know it, just using photos of me "ring" "bikini" etc instead of "wheat" and "flax" that she'd printed and laminated at card-size. It's quite an addictive game, and quite loud.

We also did Mr and Mrs questions. The questions were, the colour of his toothbrush, the name of his grandmother, his favourite food, favourite colour, favourite film, favourite board game, his worst habit, colour of his eyes, shoe size, first kiss etc. For every one wrong, the rest could guess the right answer... and the one who got it right made up a dare. Embarrassing, but not too pearl-clutching and very funny.

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