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Manchester city centre - function rooms, not hotel packages

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gillyweed Tue 22-Jan-13 14:20:50

mechanics institute... we're having our ceremony there but having a the reception in a local hall. Its quite pretty in an understated way and has a bar, not too sure about bringing in your own caterers but worth an ask!

garageflower Mon 21-Jan-13 22:43:01


Well, I am engaged - my lovely DP proposed last weekend in Paris. Sorry that this is brief but I am knackered and my head is pickled.

I am really keen to be married in Manchester city centre, have found a church and that seems fine. For the reception I am trying to avoid the wedding packages in hotels and would prefer a function room where we can bring in our own caterers/have the freedom to do what we want with the room. Kind of a church hall thing really.

Does anyone know any Manc venues where you an hire a room in a bar or pub, that would have room to seat at least 80 people for a meal and aroun 140 at night for disco and would let you do your own food?

It's long shot isn't it??


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