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Petite ladies, come and talk to me please!

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weaselwomble Mon 14-Jan-13 04:52:37

I was just wondering what other vertically challenged women went for on the big day? I THINK I am just under 5ft, 7.5 stone atm but seem to have a bit of a belly recently. Have no idea what style I want.
One of the first things my mum said was probably best not to go down the floor length root, and for some reason (I think it was a comment on here actually) I've gone right off strapless ones.
So can I see all your pretty dresses please? And tell me whether you were happy with your choice? And any other tips, stories or advice actually because I am useless and indecisive and haven't a clue where to start smile

As a side note, and please don't laugh, but has anyone ever heard of a stockist who will come to your house with some samples? I obviously want my mum there when trying on but she is on 24/7 oxygen and trips out of the house aren't very frequent. She has to decide on the day whether she is up for a trip out iyswim so making appointments and such might prove tricky.

TIA and please, share anything you feel like, all will be greatfully received.

littlemissmulledwine Mon 14-Jan-13 11:45:57

my friend had someone to her house as her mum was very ill.

she went n tried them in the shop and they took 5/6 over one night. shh did pay about £50 but they deducted it off her bill

AmelieRose Mon 14-Jan-13 11:56:44

I am 5ft 1 (bigger than you too - size 10/12) and I wore full length. A lot of people told me that I shouldn't because I am so small but I tried on some shorter dresses and they looked odd. This is my dress on a blog. I was very, very happy with my choice...

Full length looks great with the right shoes! I wore very big heels. Just try on loads of styles and see what you think suits you. I found that the styles I thought would suit me didn't, and the styles I might not have tried were much more flattering on me.

weaselwomble Mon 14-Jan-13 18:52:11

Thank you little miss that's really useful to know. I'll get phoning around then.

amelie that dress is bloody gorgeous. Love it! I have absolutely no idea what I might like but I think I'll be starting by looking for something like yours. Thank you

Fivemoreminutesmummy Sat 19-Jan-13 20:13:43

I'm 5ft and weigh around 7 stone 5lb. I wore full length with cathedral veil. If you google Casablanca 1860 wedding dress it will come up. I loved wearing full length and so glad I did. Good luck!

musttidyupAllTheChristmasShite Sat 19-Jan-13 20:18:47

I'm a bit taller, 5ft2, and wore a full length dress, with a train. Fitted strapless bodice, kind of structured ruching and big big skirt with extra petticoat underneath. It was lovely.
I really wouldn't get hung up on not going full length - as soon as you start trying on you'll get an idea of why you like / looks right. If you can't find someone to bring samples many shops will allow you to take photos - especially if you explain your circumstances, so your mum can help you choose that way.
Congratulations btw! Planning a wedding is sooo much fun!

chocolatesolveseverything Sat 19-Jan-13 22:37:24

I'm 5ft and wore a full length floaty dress with train that I had made by a dressmaker so it fitted my proportions perfectly. My dh is tall but we looked fine together. I felt like such a princess, yet when I first started looking, had assumed that anything so extravagant would make me look ridiculous.

My top tips would be to look for dresses that have clean lines rather than lots of ruffles. But do try a wide selection on. My first wedding shop trip was to a second-hand shop where I tried on about 10 dresses in completely different styles. It totally opened my eyes as to what type of style looked great, and what, to be blunt, looked terrible!

chocolatesolveseverything Sat 19-Jan-13 22:43:50

Oh, forgot you'd asked about getting to try on samples at home. I can't see any if the shops I went to doing that unfortunately - most didn't even allow photos. But my dressmaker was happy to give me a sample of material to keep after our first meeting, and emailed me the design once she'd created it. She was so nice she might have even done a home consultation in circumstances like yours I think.

weaselwomble Sat 26-Jan-13 21:07:33

Thank you all for the replies, I haven't been on much so I hadn't realised.
fivemore I will Google when I get home, it sounds lovely. are all saying try everything and anything on, right? Will do so happily

showtunesgirl Sat 26-Jan-13 21:12:43

Another 5 footer over here!

Absolutely definitely do not rule anything out until you have tried on several types of dresses. Wedding dresses are so much more fitted than normal dresses that you just don't know what will suit you.

I would say dress more to your shape rather than your height IYSWIM. I am 5 foot but have big boobs and a curvy bum so I went for a strapless mermaid, full length gown which made the most of my bum. I have never, ever worn a strapless dress before or since but it was perfect for the day.

As for your other question, I've not heard of any stockist who will do this but it might be worth asking anyway?

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