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Am I missing anything?

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Imnotaslimjim Wed 09-Jan-13 08:55:01

If you don't mind me asking, what area are you in? If yo uneed it, I might have some friends I can recommend (I'm on a cake community forum, so chat to ladies all over the country)

littlemissmulledwine Wed 09-Jan-13 08:20:48

m&s can do wedding cakes with 21 days notice if u need a back up plan smile

TheBrideofMucky Mon 07-Jan-13 19:16:58

I thought that might be the case. sad

Know how busy you cake people get! Will have to think on.

One of my bridesmaids isn't an evening dress kind of person so I may just go for shoes and a bag for her as I know she probably won't have anything suitable to hand and ask the others if they need either or have something they can use as if I do buy them they are only likely to be cheapy high street ones anyway so they will probably prefer to wear their own! grin

Imnotaslimjim Mon 07-Jan-13 16:44:31

For the cake, if you're wanting to book it with someone that does it for a living, you will have to do it soon. I'm a caker, and while I only do a couple of orders a month, most of my cake friends have wedding cakes booked throughout this year (and a couple for next year for some of them) so do be aware of that!

Throughgrittedteeth Mon 07-Jan-13 16:38:06

That's a great idea about the spa, also don't worry about shoes, let them wear what they want, they're more likely to be comfortable then. I'm not sure bags are necessary either, especially if they'll be holding flowers.

TheBrideofMucky Mon 07-Jan-13 16:32:17

Ooh I could do a spa day for the bridesmaids' presents perhaps the day before at the hotel? Or is that a bit naff?

TheBrideofMucky Mon 07-Jan-13 16:29:33

Thanks for the replies, I knew I came to the right place!

Cake! Good one! A friend who has a cupcake business was going to make it but she is having a baby this month and has been in hospital with high blood pressure. Need to find out if she can still do it but really don't want to put any pressure on her at the moment so will have to leave it for now. What is the latest I could possibly order a wedding cake from someone else - does anyone know how long it takes?

Bridesmaids are all in their twenties, some early, some late and all have very different tastes. I think I'm going to struggle with presents tbh but they have been very gracious about the dresses so far and all seem willing to wear sacks if I ask it of them. grin

Yes, Jewelry is another good one. Haven't even thought about if although I did see a nice hairclip sort of thing in one of the bridal shops when I was looking for my dress, perhaps I'll go back there.

Congratulations Bella, what do you have left to organise?

zarabootoo Mon 07-Jan-13 16:22:59


BabyBellasMumma Mon 07-Jan-13 16:22:30

Congratulations on your wedding! You sound very prepared to me and I think you have got it pretty much sorted! My wedding is in under 5 months time and I am no where near as prepared as you, starting to panic now!!!

Throughgrittedteeth Mon 07-Jan-13 16:20:38

Bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts (if you want to give them!)
Jewellery for yourself

How old are your bridesmaids?

TheBrideofMucky Mon 07-Jan-13 16:16:14

My wedding is in six months and I'm starting to get organised (honest.)
My head is in a whirl, does this all sound ok?

So far I have booked the venue, the registrar, the photographer and the dress.

Have found bridesmaids dresses to go and look at and a DJ I'm planning to book. Do I need to buy the bridesmaid shoes, bags etc?

A friend of my mother's is doing the flowers.

DP is seeing to the groomsmen's suits.

I need to find a dress and accessories for my flower girl.

Centrepieces are booked in with a company who will be ringing me to discuss.

I've had a few quotes from event nannies to look after our two young children and any other strays during the meal and speeches.

Readings chosen but need to find a harpist/string quartet or similar for the ceremony - do they do requests? One of the songs we'd like is quite modern.

Save the dates (mostly) sent out and have received a sample of invitations. I think the lady also does placecards so will ask when I order shortly.

We are having a civil ceremony in a hotel and will be staying the night before so no cars required. Luckily I know a hairdresser and a makeup artist and the hotel has a spa attached so that sort if thing shouldn't be a problem.

The table linen and room decoration (just lights I think) is to be sorted out by an events company linked to the hotel a bit closer to the time.

Rings are on my to-do list.

Is there anything big I'm missing?

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