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invite wording: how do you say no presents without being rude

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byanymeans Thu 03-Jan-13 16:28:39

I am getting married this August smile
So we have started to think about invite wording. We are eloping but then having a party a few days later. we have very very little budget, ever thing is going to be diy, the flowers home grown, decorations recycled and hand made. We are going to ask guests to each bring there own picnic. We will lay on lots of puddings and lay on drinks.
We are keeping every thing informal no need to dress up just a good party.

Today mil has asked about presents and wants us to put out a wedding list or poem asking for cash on the invite (our choice of course). We have lived together for 6+ years so we dont need presents and I hate the idea of asking for money. At the end of the day its not a big fancy wedding, so no need for big fancy gifts. She has it in her head that we should do a poem or voucher request, she even started talking about money trees.... We are asking our guest to bring a picnic we cant ask for any more.

Can we just say 'no presents please' on the invites and leave it at that or is that rude in its self?

byanymeans Sun 06-Jan-13 17:54:39

Thank you all for your help. I think we may go with say nothing, fi think its the best way not to upset anyone and just hope for no more towels.

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