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3 weeks before the wedding and fiance lost the job

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mojenko310585 Wed 19-Sep-12 14:42:19

hi guys.thank you for partner is a builder.they havent pay him for 3 weeks.i paid all deposits from my wages plus the bills.i literary have 200pounds in my account.we still need a we driving back home to slovakia to get married so need least 200 for petrol and 50 for ferry!bills and rent to pay...

meditrina Wed 19-Sep-12 14:27:14

You've probably sunk money (as well as time and effort) into the wedding plans so far, and you guests will want to wish you well whatever your ups and, right now, downs.

It can still be a great day, even if you're reeling now with the shock of bad news and the altered expectations that brings.

Can we help you refocus on dealing with the stuff that's left on a shoe string? What exactly do yo still have to do that's important/essential or that you'd really want? Some frills might have to go, but there may be work arounds for some items, and focussing on replanning and how to have a special day despite adversity might be a welcome respite from dealing with the redundancy.

scorchienne Wed 19-Sep-12 14:21:09

Sorry to hear the news about your fiances job. What kind of things do you still need for the wedding? Things that are necessary or things that are nice to have? I imagine with 3 weeks to go if you cancel you will lose all your deposits etc so you have to consider if cancelling will mean you lose more than you will spend if you go ahead with your current plans if that makes sense?

I do know how you feel though, my now DH was made redundant just as we paid all the deposits for a big castle wedding, with bands, fireworks etc. We cancelled, a few companies returned our deposits which was really lovely of them a few didnt, which was fair enough also.

In the end we had a much smaller, but really lovely wedding with under 20 people attending, then a massive party at home before going off on honeymoon. You will be in shock though atm so take care of yourself, you will still have the best day of your life.

mojenko310585 Wed 19-Sep-12 14:13:25

oh my god...feel like i want to cancel all wedding.we strugling with bills and rent and still need a suit and lots of things for supposed to be the best day of my life but im really not looking forward.feeling so down

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