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48 hours to go - shop have screwed up alterations

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RockinD Wed 19-Sep-12 08:43:12

So this MoB is left with a dress she cannot wear.

The shop that sold me the dress said it just needed a tuck to stop the armholes gaping and showing my underwear. They couldn't offer anyone to do it, so I had to find someone else.

The alteration hand at the shop where my DD is having her wedding dress done, said that wouldn't work and she would have to build up the armholes with some plain black material she had at home. I was fine with that and we agreed that she would do it.

When I went to collect on Saturday my dress wasn't there. I finally collected it last night. She was rushing out so no time to try it, but she explained that she had taken some material from elsewhere in the dress to do the armholes and that because of the delay there would be no charge.

When I got it home and tried it, she has not solved the problem, so lots of industrial bra still on display and the workmanship is very poor. One of these pieces is not sewn on properly anyway and it looks as if she has taken the material from the hem, which is now not level.

End result a dress that cost me £219.00, that I cannot wear. The wedding is on Friday.

Obviously I am going shopping today, but what do I do about this foul up?

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