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Anyone been to a small wedding or family party in Manchester (city centre or beyond?)

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diamanteasbigastheritz Mon 03-Sep-12 13:53:51

We're planning to get married at Manchester Town Hall, and want somewhere close-by for a reception, for around 50 people - adults and children.

The plan is that the whole wedding will be low-key and informal, so places that are good for special birthdays or family parties would also work for us, I think. Or restaurants with private dining? Lunch, or even afternoon tea could also be possibilities. Would factor in travelling somewhere for the right venue. My main criteria are somewhere really wecloming and friendly, that feels like a bit of a treat, amazing (maybe even locally sourced and inspired) food and lovely things to drink.

Has anyone any suggestions? I've a few ideas but have a gut feeling there should be more places than I'm thinking of.......

MimiSunshine Mon 03-Sep-12 22:09:58

Hi, it's my first post but I immediately thought of Stock, it's a great Italan in a beautiful building I've eaten there and the staff were great, and it felt very relaxed and authentic I.e. the opposite of San Carlo. Hope that helps

ceeveebee Mon 03-Sep-12 22:19:44

Yes Stock is lovely
The town hall is a beautiful venue, my best friend got married there and had her wedding breakfast meal there too which was very nice. But she went to the Palace hotel for her evening reception which I think would be too big for your requirements.

diamanteasbigastheritz Tue 04-Sep-12 07:11:49

Thanks Mimi and Cee. Stock hadn't occurred to me so will take a closer look!

Might revisit the plan to not have the reception at the Town Hall as well, Cee, in light of your friend's nice day........

gillyweed Tue 04-Sep-12 09:34:01

the midland hotel is within walking distance and is gorgeous but actually quite relaxed inside, the staff are lovely. they have the French restaurant which is supposed to be great although a little expensive and fancy for what your after, or hire one of their amazing private rooms and serve afternoon tea and fizz - friends of ours did this and the event had a real sense of occasion!

hermionestranger Tue 04-Sep-12 09:39:02

The midland is gorgeous. The afternoon tea is very nice. I think it would be the sort of venue you are looking for

diamanteasbigastheritz Tue 04-Sep-12 10:53:47

Gilly and Hermione - thanks for the suggestion. I had initially dismissed the Midland as a bit ritzy so interesting to hear your experiences.

MimiSunshine Tue 04-Sep-12 18:47:35

I think your wedding sounds lovely. The first time I went to Stock I was taken aback by the restaurant, I had to take a picture of the main room as its a domed ceiling and they had little fairy lights up (it was close to Christmas), it looked so beautiful, my first thoughts were "this would a great place for a wedding". The pictures on the website really don't do it justice

diamanteasbigastheritz Tue 04-Sep-12 20:42:52

Thanks Mimi grin

The food and the flowers are my twin obsessions. Will see if I can persuade DP to take a trip to Stock soon!

itsjustmeanon Mon 17-Sep-12 11:02:57

I've been to a wedding, here:

It was fabulous, but I think it's pricey. Well I don't really know about price, but it was very fancy, so making that assumption. Also bride and groom both doctors, and think they'd had a good budget.

gina83 Tue 30-Oct-12 10:07:33


Congratulations on the wedding smile! When's the big day?

I would recommend trying The Mitre Hotel. It's one of the budget hotels in Manchester city centre, (but not in the Premier Inn way)! I've been there a few times on a weekend and seeing a few wedding receptions there. The staff are great and so is the food. The drinks aren't over priced and you still get that traditional Manchester pub feel about it (in a good way)! It's just gone under new ownership too smile Try them out and it's not far from the town hall.

Good luck with the wedding! Feels like a lifetime ago since I got married, but it's only been 3 years!

diamanteasbigastheritz Fri 02-Nov-12 09:19:31

Thanks for your suggestions itjust and gina.

Still planning, still thinking. Off to look at the Midland Hotel soon, who were much more reasonable price-wise than I'd thought they'd be.

Great John St were a bit -ummmmmm - hard work so I'm not that struck by them.

Will take a look at the Mitre! Is that the one by the cathedral?

hellen88 Wed 14-Nov-12 10:48:38

Congrats... This is sweet.
I would like to get married next year so thank you for this discussion.

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