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It just might happen!!

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3teenhell Wed 29-Aug-12 11:59:30

After saying he didn't want to marry, DP has now said he would like to marry me, however he hates the whole formal wedding idea and i'm not that keen either, so please give me ideas for small informal weddings in case i need them

DesperatelySeekingPomBears Wed 29-Aug-12 15:37:13

Registry office followed by a meal for close family and friends. When you book the restaurant for the meal say it's a family reunion - it'll be a fraction of the price and they won't push the fussy table settings etc onto you.

Ambrosius Wed 29-Aug-12 16:13:31

Go somewhere amazing for a holiday and get married while you're there. We are sort of doing this (hopefully, we haven't booked anything yet) We're going to have just very close family and maybe a couple of friends if they want to/ can afford it. We're thinking Cuba, Sicily or Mauritius atm. Congrats and good luck!

3teenhell Wed 29-Aug-12 16:24:56

Hmm like both ideas. My sis getting married in greece next year so will see how that goes!

Leeds2 Thu 30-Aug-12 20:12:19

Just you and OH (and children?) go to the Registry Office with a couple of witnesses (don't even really need those). Out for dinner afterwards, and stay at a lovely hotel. Tell people after the event. If you want, have a big party for those you would've invited to your wedding if it had been bigger. A disco, or bbq, or a home party - whatever sort of thing you like.

Or go to Gretna Green. I have always thought that would be quite romantic, but have never known anyone who has been married there!

3teenhell Thu 30-Aug-12 21:48:24

Gretna green really appeals, not that i've been looking!

MirandaWest Thu 30-Aug-12 21:50:13

I know someone who got married at Gretna Green and had a lovely day smile

TobyLerone Fri 31-Aug-12 04:45:04

Gretna Green is hideous. It's touristy and awful. You can run away and get married anywhere.

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