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Mid length A line type champagne bridesmaid dress

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Stepmumm Fri 24-Aug-12 15:24:12

Anyone know where i can get one for £100 ish, preferably with straps as its fir an older brudesmaid?

MrsLettuce Fri 24-Aug-12 15:31:21


They've been photographed with a petticoat under it but still fall beautifully without.

Maybe the wrong shade though.

Thumbwitch Fri 24-Aug-12 15:37:53 something like this?

here's my google search - I colour selected for yellow because that's the nearest to champagne, there are a few others in there that might suit.

Stepmumm Fri 24-Aug-12 19:53:24

Mrs l - my bridesmaid picked that second dress in gold!

KateTheClumsyStripper Sun 26-Aug-12 14:54:04 A friend used these as bridesmaid dresses, they were really beautiful. There's always some appearing on ebay smile

GrandPoohBah Fri 31-Aug-12 21:05:11

I used those as my bridesmaids dresses!

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