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Tapas style wedding breakfast?

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Thistledew Thu 16-Aug-12 12:47:48

Yay or nay?

DP and I are planning a not very traditional wedding - keeping some of the traditions but ditching others. Hoping to keep it a relaxed affair, but will be between 100-140 guests due to having a large family!

Would you like it if the wedding breakfast - to be served at about 6pm, was tapas style? I like the idea as it means people can pick and choose what they want to eat, it is a friendly thing to pass sharing dishes around, and it is a little bit different from a traditional wedding format.

What do you think?

Driftwood999 Thu 16-Aug-12 14:33:18

Yay. I would love it! Tapas is fun, interesting, sociable and gives plenty of opportunity to relax and chat, ergo a good idea for a function such as a wedding. Think of the practicalities, such as:

Will guests remain seated and have the selection on their table?

Will guests be roaming?

In order for it to work I suggest they remain seated other wise it's a buffet and some will "not get it".

ChunkyPickle Thu 16-Aug-12 14:40:26

Sounds lovely - I find the whole rubber chicken aspect of sit-down meals at weddings pretty awful if I'm honest...

I've been to a few asian weddings, and they park almost like a mini buffet/tapas in the middle of the tables, then the waiters wander round exchanging and refilling as needed. It means your food is hot, you get as much of whatever you like as you like, and it's friendly because of all the handing around (although a lazy susan in the middle is helpful)

Do it. Definitely.

Thistledew Thu 16-Aug-12 15:12:13

I was intending that the guests would be seated, and that a selection of dishes would be put on each table to be passed around.

I'm glad people like the idea.

sweetheart Thu 16-Aug-12 15:16:07

I'd love it and think it's a great idea but you will get fussy eaters who hate the idea if I'm honest.

One of the best weddings we have been to (food wise) was where they had greek meze for starters and then for main a whole leg of lamb was served up to each table. Someone on the table had to carve it up and it was a really good conversational piece. We loved the greek meze but there were some older more traditional relatives at the table who spent the whole time moaning about "new fandangled food" and "why couldn't they just stick to tradition" needless to say they were very hungry all day wink

Bue Thu 16-Aug-12 21:16:21

We're not doing tapas but we are doing 'family style' - everything will be served on platters and bowls to the tables and passed around. Then a sharing cheeseboard afterwards. I'm sure it won't be to everyone's taste but we went to a wedding where the meal was served like this and we loved it.

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