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Buying from America/China

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BackforGood Sun 26-Aug-12 22:10:56

I'm just puzzled by this sentence :

I've worn my dress to a few things where it's acceptable to wear your wedding dress [children in need, haloween etc]. confused and grin

emsyj Sun 26-Aug-12 22:04:05

There's a new one on here:

Be wary of a US retailer who is willing to sell to you, Maggie Sottero do not allow overseas sales by US retailers - but if you know someone in the US who can take delivery for you and then send it on, it might save you some money to buy from there.

polarbex Sun 19-Aug-12 16:34:18

It's Lorie.

LittlePicnic Sun 12-Aug-12 17:49:56

Which MS dress is it?

Bue Sat 11-Aug-12 11:27:20

There's a big difference between the really skilled Chinese seamstresses who make the high end wedding gowns, and those slightly dodgy online Chinese companies!

Here's a tale for you:

I personally wouldn't risk it, but if you do, just be prepared that it may need some alteration.

polarbex Fri 10-Aug-12 21:07:49

Thanks for your help. Yes, the quality is there and it is hard to replicate. It's interesting to know about the china dress. It's always a gamble but I assumed that as they are all made in china then the quality should be the same! I have another 2 weeks before I have to make a decision - the shop lady insists on x months notice. I hate feeling rushed!

AntsMarching Thu 09-Aug-12 21:19:14

There are states where sales tax doesn't apply. New Jersey doesn't have sales tax on clothing, although that may not extend to luxury items, would be worth checking if that's the case

kellestar Thu 09-Aug-12 21:05:53

maggie sottero are cheaper in the states, some sellers won't sell outside the US, but the taxes do hike it up. I bought a MS and it's a beautiful dress, the quality shows.

My sister had a MS dress made in china and the quality was poor, it looked right on the hanger, but once it was on, the beading was coming loose within minutes, the fastenings weren't as good, the lacing was flimsy. No boning or lining, so we could see her tats through the fabric of the dress, there was no support so the dress did look like a knock off. But she paid 1/3 of what I did and she only wore it once. But the photo's aren't as good and no matter how hard I tried to get her set up nicely I've had to do plenty of editing to correct the dress and it's looks.

I've worn my dress to a few things where it's acceptable to wear your wedding dress [children in need, haloween etc].

polarbex Thu 09-Aug-12 18:59:50

Hi. I think I have finally found 'the' dress but obviously can't afford it. Have heard that you can buy Maggie Sottero from America for a fraction of the price but wanted to know if anyone had experience of this and could recommend somewhere. Failing that, a good chinese company that could copy it!
Thank you!

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