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Please tell me about lovely alternative wedding dress

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threeleftfeet Sun 06-May-12 19:51:23

Possibly getting a little ahead of myself as DP only proposed yesterday!

But hey, I enjoy thinking about frocks grin

I'd like to get married in something colourful, def not white or a traditional wedding dress style. Not sure what yet.

Can anyone tell me about nice alternative wedding dresses you've seen / worn?

Lavenderhoney Sat 10-Nov-12 04:48:16

I like all the dressessmile are you having a big church wedding? And do you personally know all the guests? I only knew a handful of the guests at my massive wedding as dh has such a huge family and I am glad I wore a wedding dress as people knew I was the bride! Even though originally I wanted a non wedding dress.

What's your colouring, would you look good in bright red, or pale blue?

sashh Sat 10-Nov-12 04:32:00


I thought you were comming back to tell us what dress you picked.

Sorry but I cn't see any derogatry remarks, but one post has been deleted.

Sorry someone said something nasty, what a horrible thing to do on a thread about choosing a dress.

I hope you find something perfect and the person insulting you ffalls down a hole.

Wedd Thu 08-Nov-12 09:59:34

I am really sad to see this post with derogatory personal remarks about me still up here. I have asked for this to be removed. Sadly this person seems to take pleasure in having a go at me on public forums. Personal issues should remain private right ? by the way this person was not a customer of mine. I was actually a customer of hers while she was running a well known wedding blog.

DustyDen Thu 17-May-12 10:59:02

Check out the Offbeat Bride website: it has loads of alternative dresses and weddings.

iscream Tue 08-May-12 09:23:53

2 Chanel, but I had to post, it is so pretty.

sashh Tue 08-May-12 05:42:58

I don't know if you read the small print on the wedsite - the salwar kemeez is only partially stiched - so you can adjust for size or send them measurements and they will finish it for you.

I'm in Wolverhampton so a few of those shops here but you will find them in London easily. Southall definitely.

You can ask in the shop if they do made to measure of if they can recomend a tailor and you just buy the material and the tailor makes it for you.

MrsLettuce Mon 07-May-12 15:43:37

sorry, the blue version

MrsLettuce Mon 07-May-12 15:42:50 also in pink

too far down the hippy route for me, but maybe not for you...

Teeb Mon 07-May-12 15:26:46

Ooh, pretty dresses!

I'm not sure if this would be too bridal, but it's a bit of a glamorous hippy look.

70's hippy?

LOVE this Vivienne Westwood dress.

This might be a bit more of a sophisticated Westwood dress, depending on when the wedding might be.

It might also be worth having a look at her Gold label if you like her designs.

threeleftfeet Mon 07-May-12 13:06:12

Am meant to be studying, I'm not here really, honest wink

threeleftfeet Mon 07-May-12 13:03:50

sashh, wow! those salwar suits are absolutely stunning! So pretty. What a great idea, definitely up my street. And what amazing value!

Could you recommend anywhere (perhaps in London or the SE but happy to travel!) where I could go to to try them on?

I particularly love this one
and this one although that would be definitely pinning my hippy credentials to my sleeve!
And this is lovely too

I'm sorely tempted to get something like this, also this, this and definitely this to swan about in this summer anyway.

This and this would be great for work.

Brilliant idea, thanks!

I'd have to get one made to fit me, as sadly I am slightly more <ahem> fat curvy than their sizings allow for.

Bue Mon 07-May-12 12:09:36

The 'Pippa' in hot pink? Probably too monarchical for you grin

For boho, have a look at Belle and Bunty. And I second Claire Pettibone and Temperley.

In terms of custom designs, I LOVE this London designer. She does predominantly wedding dresses but they aren't necessarily 'weddingy'. She uses a lot of colour, etc. and is incredibly creative.

sashh Mon 07-May-12 06:21:41

Have you had a look in a sari shop? Not just at saris but at the suits too?

AKissIsNotAContract Mon 07-May-12 00:06:46

wish want wear have some great dresses for rent which might be suitable.

babysaurus Sun 06-May-12 23:43:47

Oh! Found out that the dress Dita Von Teese wore when she married Marilyn Manson was a Vivienne Westwood dress. I can understand if you don't want something as ott, but it gives a good idea of the shape of the corset and what it can do for you, ahem, busoms.

MoonlightandRoses Sun 06-May-12 23:41:00

Ok, last one before bed this DK burgundy dress looks as though it's high necked enough to allow norkage support, but still has a decent v.

For a good dressmaker if you don't think you'll be able to get a personal recommendation, find your nearest top-end fabric shop - they may well have a list of people you can talk to.

babysaurus Sun 06-May-12 23:40:59

Ah, okay, threeleftfeet, fair enough on the 100% thing. Its always worth pointing it out though as lots say they don't want a weddingy ensemble and then, bizarrely, walk down the aisle in an ivory and strapless number (yawn! my pet hate.)

threeleftfeet Sun 06-May-12 23:39:58

Damn, real life is dragging me away from this most important job!

Thanks everyone for the help, I really appreciate it, back in a bit smile

BillyBollyBandy, MoonlightandRoses thanks for those links, I'll have a good look in a bit ...

threeleftfeet Sun 06-May-12 23:37:27

babysaurus, sorry, I did mean unusual like the Vivienne Westwood one.

emsyj getting one made is an interesting idea. Not sure if I'd know where to start though!

MoonlightandRoses Sun 06-May-12 23:35:02

Oh, have a look at Marchesa as well - quite 'gowny' but stunning.

Alternatively, design what you want and get it made by a good dressmaker.

threeleftfeet Sun 06-May-12 23:33:55

*my taste not me!

threeleftfeet Sun 06-May-12 23:33:34

babysaurus great link to the unusual stuff, really enjoyed looking at them grin

Slightly over the top for me taste but great fun!

Is that a real woman on top of red one btw?! Certainly not for those scared of heights!!

babysaurus Sun 06-May-12 23:31:30

and for jewellery / accessories have a mooch in Butler and Wilson

threeleftfeet Sun 06-May-12 23:29:55

If I walk down the aisle in a wedding dress, my future DH will think I've had a personality transplant! grin

I am 100% convinced I don't want a weddingy dress.

People wear white at weddings because it was popularised by Queen Victoria. I really think it's time for a change now! Also I'm anti-monarchy and DP is Scottish so honouring Queen Victoria is not really appropriate!

Both DP and I are difficult thoughtful lefty types and I'm just really not into a lot of the mainstream stuff. You couldn't pay me to wear a diamond engagement ring for example!

MoonlightandRoses Sun 06-May-12 23:28:15

Congratulations! Looking at what you've liked, maybe have a skim through the collections from the below for starters?

Roksanda Ilincic

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