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Please tell me about lovely alternative wedding dress

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threeleftfeet Sun 06-May-12 19:51:23

Possibly getting a little ahead of myself as DP only proposed yesterday!

But hey, I enjoy thinking about frocks grin

I'd like to get married in something colourful, def not white or a traditional wedding dress style. Not sure what yet.

Can anyone tell me about nice alternative wedding dresses you've seen / worn?

sashh Sat 10-Nov-12 04:32:00


I thought you were comming back to tell us what dress you picked.

Sorry but I cn't see any derogatry remarks, but one post has been deleted.

Sorry someone said something nasty, what a horrible thing to do on a thread about choosing a dress.

I hope you find something perfect and the person insulting you ffalls down a hole.

Lavenderhoney Sat 10-Nov-12 04:48:16

I like all the dressessmile are you having a big church wedding? And do you personally know all the guests? I only knew a handful of the guests at my massive wedding as dh has such a huge family and I am glad I wore a wedding dress as people knew I was the bride! Even though originally I wanted a non wedding dress.

What's your colouring, would you look good in bright red, or pale blue?

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