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coffeespoons Mon 23-Jan-12 22:26:55

Anyone get their dress from here and able to tell me what it was like? I'd really like some reviews before I make up my mind. I also like the Dolly couture Manhattan dress ( but Honeypie are so much cheaper and I really don't like the idea of spending so much on clothing (entertainment and food are more my thing - want everyone to have a good time). I know they are made of different fabrics but I don't understand why this would be especially important. Will I care that one is thick bridal satin and one silk blended satin? I don't really know what that even means!

coffeespoons Mon 23-Jan-12 22:27:26

Not sure why that link did not convert:

billgrangersrisotto Sat 28-Jan-12 08:04:03

Try PMing a poster called picklesarnie. She has. I almost did, which is why I know that!

emsyj Sun 29-Jan-12 21:15:47

I have read very mixed reviews of the dresses on Honeypie Boutique, but I've never seen a dress from there personally - if you do a search on the forums on you might find some reviews. A couple of the brides I've seen have been underwhelmed and have returned their dresses, although others have been happy with them and worn them.

I sell 50s style wedding dresses and I stock the Dolly Couture Manhattan dress. The 'Black Label' version is the one I sell and the satin is quite fine and rather shiny. It's also very soft. It will feel quite different to the sort of satin that I imagine the Honeypie dresses are made of - I sell a strapless satin dress from my own label that is made from a heavy bridal satin, and it is the same stuff you'd get in a bridal shop from a mid-range designer such as Maggie Sottero, Alfred Angelo etc if you want something to compare with.

I am based in the north west if you wanted to try on/view the Manhattan dress to help make up your mind. You could also see a couple of dresses that are made from heavy bridal satin that would, I should think, be comparable fabric to the Honeypie dresses.

Also check out Oh My Honey - their dresses have very good reviews (although the owner is away travelling at the moment, so if your wedding is very soon it will be no good for you).

Littlemissvickie Tue 26-Jun-12 21:51:46

Emsyj, I would be intrested in seeing some of your work, I'm looking for a 40's/50's style dress somthing Candy Anthony/Dolly Couture style and an local to the north west.


emsyj Thu 28-Jun-12 15:43:36

I've PM'd you Littlemissvickie smile

memphis83 Fri 29-Jun-12 12:44:50

emsyj I too would be interested!

nm123 Tue 17-Jul-12 23:57:33

Try Kitty and Dulcie too - similar kind of dresses...

Wellyphant Fri 26-Oct-12 00:06:19

I've been looking at this website too. Hadn't really considered a 50s style dress but think they look fab. I'd quite like to try one first though. Emsyj, if you are still around, any ideas where i might be able to do that? I'm in the northwest. Ta

emsyj Sun 11-Nov-12 19:58:59

Just seen this thread has revived! I have sold my business but it's continuing under the management of a lady called Elaine - if you google 'Look Darling' you can find details. Elaine is based on the Wirral.

tiredemma Sun 11-Nov-12 20:02:51

Not getting wed until 2015 but would love to see some of your work also emsyj!

emsyj Sun 11-Nov-12 20:05:39

For anyone interested! I don't own the business any more so hopefully I won't get into trouble for linking. If you contact Elaine, she has a home based studio where you can go and look and try on. She's also recently taken on some new styles that I don't think are on the website yet.

Bumping this to see if there are anymore people with experiences.

This website seems to be my only hope. I am a UK size 22. So in wedding dress sizes I am probably a 26? Does that sound right?

Honeypie are the only ones in my price range. Does anyone know how much a custom size would be?

Also, whats the difference between the gathered and non gathered waist?

emsyj Sun 30-Dec-12 16:55:27

I've heard mixed reviews of Honeypie Boutique - if you do a search on youandyourwedding on the forum you might find some experiences on there. They are made in China to the best of my knowledge, but I can't tell you that 101% as I don't know the owner personally. I am 99.9% sure she doesn't make them herself, and she definitely has no facility to try on. When I was still running Look Darling (as mentioned above, sold the business a few months back now) I sold a dress to someone who is friends with the owner of Honeypie and she said there are no trying-on facilities. And she didn't buy her dress from her friend... Make of that what you will!

There is a lady based in Glasgow who hand makes dresses, the company is called Flossy & Dossy if you google it. I've had one of her dresses as a bridesmaid and they are very nice. I think my dress was about £200 ish but I didn't pay. She will make bespoke for you within a few weeks.

Also there is Oh My Honey - not sure what her prices are like, but they are reasonable I think (under £500) and handmade in the UK also. She's based in Brighton.

I would recommend trying on if at all possible. You may be surprised what suits you and what doesn't.

In terms of gathered and non-gathered waists, a gathered waist will look like most of the Dolly Couture dresses - the skirt is gathered at the waist and attached to the bodice so that it flares out. A non-gathered will not have gathering at the waist. It's very hard to explain!!! A gathered waist is less flattering. A non-gathered will be more skimming and more flattering. If you compare the 'Linda' dress by Fancy New York with the 'Manhattan' dress by Dolly Couture, you will see the difference there. I hope that makes sense....

I have seen the Kitty & Dulcie styles at a photo shoot and they are nice quality (and longer in real life than they appear on the website - I think the models on there are super super tall). You can make returns there too if the dress doesn't suit. They're around £300 I think.

Also worth a look is Petticoats-a-Plenty. No personal experience of them but you may find reviews online.

Whirling Turban make wedding dresses and they will cost a bit more than you might want to pay, but they are beautiful quality for the money.

You can order Dolly Couture Pink Label styles direct from the USA and they are lovely quality and their customer service is 101% - you will probably be looking at £400 ish for one of those, depending on the exchange rate.

plantsitter Thu 03-Jan-13 10:22:02

My wedding dress came from Honeypie Boutique and it was fine. DH loved it more than I did. We were on a budget money and time wise and I hate shopping so it suited me and it was cheap enough that if I really hated it I could've gone and got something else. It was cut pretty well and fitted perfectly but you could have nicer fabric imo.

BellaF81 Thu 07-Nov-13 03:42:02

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