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Do women wear button holes?

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nappyaddict Sat 08-Oct-11 19:11:36

That's it really. I thought it was just men, but my friend thinks not.

ilove Sat 08-Oct-11 19:13:46

Women wear corsages - slightly fancier than a buttonhole as far as I know

RightUpMyRue Sat 08-Oct-11 19:14:39

Women wear corsages. Same idea but maybe a bit fancier like ilove says.

WorzselMummage Sat 08-Oct-11 19:14:49

No, Thats why I said I didn't want one smile

She isn't doing corsages x

nappyaddict Sat 08-Oct-11 19:17:01

Thanks Worz smile I was just about to text and see if she meant corsages. I don't think I will have one either. I won't be wearing a jacket only to and from reception so won't have anywhere to put it.

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