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Proposing to my man?????

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creativename Fri 22-Jul-11 10:17:19

I have for the past few months been seriously thinking about proposing to my partner of 5 years.

We have a son together (who is 4) and have known each other for years, our relationship is a open 50-50 mix he does the washing up-I do the washing, he tidy's-I cook etc..... We have been though a lot together, homeless, job-loss & job gain, running a business, uni, depression, health up's & downs and it has made us stronger.
We have talked about marriage but as he got married young years ago and until about a year ago he had a very bad view of marriage which I totally understood as I saw first hand how things where for him before.

However a while ago, totally out of the blue he said he would like to marry me one day grin but he has no control of any of our money to buy a ring or take me out without me knowing.
I did offer to let him have some money control but it he does not deal with money well and it has not worked well in the past.
((he works full-time to provide for us and I work from home and run the house including all accounts as he hates dealing with money and this works well for us))

So I began to think why can't I ask him to marry me? I have found out his ring size and been looking at rings and found a lovely one but when I went to get it the lady said that women cant ask there partners unless it is a leap year but I cant ask him then as its his birthday that day.

We are not your traditional couple and after all who gets to do the asking is all just tradition.........but should I carry on with my plans to ask him to marry me? confused

JanMorrow Fri 22-Jul-11 11:40:18

You can TOTALLY ask him, my friend has just done this and he fella was chuffed. You don't even need a ring to ask him, men don't traditionally wear an engagement ring (where would it go after getting the wedding ring?) unless you really want one.. in which case, do it with a proper ring! A haribo would do the job just as well though!

Good luck/congratulations!

redexpat Mon 25-Jul-11 21:07:57

Sod tradition and do it! And update here on when, where and how you did it please grin

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