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bridesmaid dresses (pregnant and non-pregnant bridesmaids)

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mummycat2011 Sun 03-Jul-11 12:53:46


One of my bridesmaids is pregnant and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for finding matching (or almost matching) dresses for a pregnant and non-pregnant bridesmaid?


girlywhirly Mon 04-Jul-11 15:17:09

Obviously they won't be able to wear the same shape of dress, but different styles in the same colour would go well. They could be accessorized the same, e.g. stole/shrug/head-dress/shoes etc. to bring the look together. I don't think it's necessary for adult bridesmaids to wear identical dresses anyway, pregnant or not. They don't have to be long either, even if the brides gown is long. You could look at cocktail type dresses.

If you can't find anything for the pregnant lady, could you find a dressmaker who can make something/modify a readymade maternity dress? You never know how big someones bump and boobs are going to grow, and it might be kinder to match the other bridesmaids dress to one that is comfortable for her.

CornishKK Mon 04-Jul-11 15:21:35

I had four bridesmaids, one was seven months pregnant - I got their dresses here Alfred Angelo

Loads of different styles to choose from in a large range of colours and I thought they were reasonably priced.

CornishKK Mon 04-Jul-11 15:23:43

Forgot to say, they have maternity bridesmaids dresses - find them by clicking on refine your search!

mummycat2011 Thu 07-Jul-11 13:30:01

thanks for the tip, do you have any idea of cost as it's not given on the website? thanks

Happygomummy Thu 07-Jul-11 13:34:11

I was a bridesmaid when 8 months pregnant, there were 3 other bridesmaids one of whom was 7 months pregnant - so two big lasses for the bride to deal with!

we all got the same dress however several sizes too big for the PG ones. they were then adapted so they would fit over our tummies. i think they were alfred angelo too.

don't worry, it can be done!

StarryEyedMama Fri 08-Jul-11 04:27:15

Dessy do some lovely maternity styles and you can get them in you're wedding colour to match with all your other bridesmaids. Best thing is to keep it quite loose as she may change shape quickly!

mummycat2011 Fri 08-Jul-11 17:20:59

great, thanks for the tips :-)

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