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HELP!!! Floral print Bridesmaid Dresses!

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Ganners10 Mon 23-May-11 09:33:46

Hi All
My sister is having a country garden themed wedding in which there are 4 adult bridesmaids and has chosen the most horrible green flowery granny dress!! It doesnt do justice for our figures and is soooo old fashioned that i wouldnt be suprised if my gran turned up wearing it! She says they look nice and that it is the in thing right now.Ive told her i feel awful in it and she said if we can find a floral themed dress for around £50 each she will re think! She doesnt want normal plain bridesmaids dresses but not having much luck! The weddings in August so not much time! Please help! Has anyone seen any nice floral print dresses? Can be bold floral or little flower print?? grin

Checkmate Mon 23-May-11 09:38:19

Does your sister have bad taste in general, or is she trying to make sure her bridesmaids don't outshine her?!

Can you find the dress online so we can laugh see what you mean?

Monsoon is the palce that springs to mind, but on £50 budget it'll be tough. this is £68, and there are some other similar options around that price.

What is the colouring and figures of the bridesmaids; is there a style & colour that you all and the bride agree on?

BTW, who is paying for the dresses?

Checkmate Mon 23-May-11 09:40:28

this also floral and £60

strapless floral £65

themildmanneredjanitor Mon 23-May-11 09:42:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

themildmanneredjanitor Mon 23-May-11 09:44:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KeepCalmAndCurryOn Mon 23-May-11 09:46:56

Wallis has lots of florals this year.

JanMorrow Mon 23-May-11 10:49:07

My bridesmaids are wearing Vivienne of Holloway and she does lots of flowery ones. With the petticoats they're lots more than you want to spend though.. but it's something to think about.. They're really flattering and go up to a reasonable size. It's worth a visit to try them on though so if you're not near London it might be a real pain!

Have a look on too.

Good luck!

JanMorrow Mon 23-May-11 10:50:00

oo that Monsoon one checkmate has posted is lovely

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 23-May-11 11:06:33




maxi slightly over budget but 20% off

maxi again

Ganners10 Mon 23-May-11 20:32:21

The one were wearing is from Wallis and is called Terquoise Vintage garden dress? But its not Terquoise its more green than terquoise! It looks ok in the picture but doesnt look good on my size 14 big chested figure! Would look ok on a size 8 with an hourglass figure! i liked the strapless one that Checkmate found from monsoon for £65 but apparently its to plain!!! Oh well guess im going to have to just get on with it and change out of it as soon as the pics are done! And never look at the wedding photos to see how awful i looked!!!! hmm grin

emsyj Mon 30-May-11 15:37:29

How about looking at the dresses on the Vivien of Holloway website? They usually have a selection of nice prints.

emsyj Mon 30-May-11 15:37:58

Phase Eight also have some nice floral prints at the moment.

switchtvoffdosomelessboring Thu 09-Jun-11 15:39:19

this one ganners?

I'm not loving it (100% polyester) don't get near to any candles grin

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