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What would you consider to be a small wedding and what's average sized in the UK?

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AbsDuCroissant Thu 28-Apr-11 15:16:15

This was after a couple of discussions I've had recently with a colleague and some friends. I told colleague that DP and I have started discussing getting married, but wanted to keep it as small as poss., which realistically is around 120 peeps (then DP's parents got involved and it looks like it will be muchos bigger). She mae shock <-- that face saying 120 was huge. My friend then said that 200 was the average for the UK, which I feel is wrong (we were discussing two upcoming weddings, one for 380, the other 500. Friend's wedding was 400, but he comes from a freaking HUGE family).

26minutes Thu 28-Apr-11 15:19:34

120 is huge! We will have 11 people at ours (only 6 of those will be adults). DP and I don't know 120 people between us, let alone 120 people we'd want at our wedding.

JemimaMop Thu 28-Apr-11 15:24:20

I had a small wedding, we had 10 guests during the day and no evening party.

Neither DH or I like fuss, and if we had gone the conventional route there would have been 200+ guests there (friends, family, friends of the family, no if you invite Auntie Gladys you have to invite Great Aunt Elspeth and then you'll have to invite Mrs Jones two doors down or she'll sulk...) which was our idea of hell.

I would consider less than about 50 as a small wedding.

AbsDuCroissant Thu 28-Apr-11 15:27:48

Interesting ...

DP's parents argument (which I'm coming around to ...) is that more people = more presents, and they'll pay for them. Nice.

DP's family is giant and 120 is just close friends, as much of my family as could realistically attend (they live all over the world) and then "close" family on his side and some of his parents friends (very close friends who are like aunts and uncles to DP).

I reckon the UK average is definitely below 200. I'm off to google.

oohlaalaa Sat 30-Apr-11 14:38:36

To me:

Small wedding - circa 50 guests
Medium wedding - circa 100 guests
Big wedding - over 140 guests

The biggest wedding I have been to was 200 guests and the smallest 50 guests. My parents always prefer the bigger weddings, and I prefer the smallest. We are having to compromise with mine, at 120 guests.

darleneconnor Sat 30-Apr-11 14:59:31

I wonder how people know enough people to invite to a 200+ wedding. I suppose some people have big families...

I cant imagine inviting more than 30people, dp prob c.50.
I wouldnt be surprised if 200 was average.

LaWeaselIsOupaLaDouffe Sat 30-Apr-11 15:11:47

We had 80. I thought that was medium sized.

I think we'd've struggled to invite many more tbh!

Although it helps that I have very little family and neither of us have 'work friends' particularly.

pozzled Sat 30-Apr-11 15:14:04

We had somewhere between 60 and 70, and I thought that was slightly on the small side of average. No way would I consider 120 as a small wedding!

Jbck Sat 30-Apr-11 16:49:06

We had 70 during the day and 200 for the evening. Typical type of thing in Scotland. Would have had a few more during the day but ceremony venue couldn't hold more.

I've been to two very small weddings, 16 & 20 at each.

I think average is probably between one and two hundred

redundanttiara Sat 30-Apr-11 17:01:41

We had 8 people at our wedding, including the judge, two trainee judges (or possibly random people that were just chatting with the judge before we arrived, as they were never introduced) and the translator.

cookielove Sat 30-Apr-11 17:03:44

My sister had 10 at wedding and then for a sit down, and probably less then 30 for the evening do, however lots of her friends said they would come and then didn't bitches she had a fab day.

I am planning to have 30 or less for wedding, 50 for day and 100-125 for the evening do. We will see how many we can fit into the registry office. So i would class my sisters as teeny tiny and mine as small.

BlameItOnTheBogey Sat 30-Apr-11 17:08:12

We had 120 at our wedding which I thought was quite a lot. DH is American and his parents asked me repeatedly why we were having such a small wedding....

PickleSarnie Fri 06-May-11 08:52:51

We're having 27 - and I feel sick with nerves thinking about standing up in front of even such a small amount of people. Am scared now that 27 is too teeny tiny amount though?!

Pootles2010 Fri 06-May-11 08:55:59

Small is under 50, big over 100. Pickle 27 is a lovely amount, it'll be really nice and intimate.

mousymouse Fri 06-May-11 08:56:43

we had immediate family at our "reception" i.e. a nice meal in a restaurant.
parents, grandparents and siblings
20 in all
would be around 120 with cousins, their children, aunts and uncles.

LawrieMarlow Fri 06-May-11 08:59:10

There were about 100 people at our wedding. Would say that was medium amount of people.

PickleSarnie Fri 06-May-11 09:10:22

I hope so Pootles, I'm just so crap at mingling that I just want my bestest friends so I can just have fun instead of making small talk with Great Aunt Audrey that I haven't seen since I was 5 etc.

Would elope if my parents wouldn't sulk about it!

rubyrubyruby Fri 06-May-11 09:21:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BetterTogether Wed 25-May-11 21:20:43

We're having 80 which is bigger than I'd originally planned, probably what I'd call medium ish. I went to two weddings last year - one had 120 guests and the other 60.

Jajas Wed 25-May-11 21:23:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

diggingintheribs Wed 25-May-11 21:28:10

this is definitely cultural though

I have been invited to a wedding because I lived next door to the brides cousin (never met her!) - 800 invitees

I have also not been invited to a wedding where DH was best man - 30 invitees

Tommy Wed 25-May-11 21:28:18

we had about 180 which was big
can't imagine that 20 is considered to be average TBH

Tommy Wed 25-May-11 21:29:45

obvioiusly that was meant to be 200 grin blush
20 would be small.....

raspberrytipple Thu 26-May-11 22:18:11

We are having 35 to the ceremony then inviting about another 80 max for a party in the early evening. Bigger than we wanted but it just grows and grows....we aren't doing a sit down meal, married at 330 pm then canapés and drinks with buffet at 8pm for everyone. Even with only 35 people the thought of sitting them down for an hour or two and expecting them to get on is an impossibility.

melodyangel Fri 27-May-11 14:36:50

We will have between 50 and 60 although, about 20 are kids of various sizes! Not too big not as small as I would have liked but then I'm not keen on being the centre of attention.

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