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walking down the aisle music?

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lucychoobs Mon 28-Mar-11 15:21:21

im stuck on what to use walking down the aisle. i dont like the traditional wedding song so i want something a little different, could anyone give me any ideas? my sister is using the romeo and julliette theme tune, gutted! she got it before me lol x

ChessyEvans Mon 28-Mar-11 15:23:45

We had Handel's Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, very rousing but it's quite long so depends how long your walk will be (I had a staircase to contend with!).

TattyCatty Mon 28-Mar-11 15:28:14

Queen of Sheba for me too - good job it was long as my cathedral length veil got whipped up in the wind (got married outside) and we had to spend an extra couple of minutes faffing about whilst my bridesmaid gathered up said veil and trooped along behind me holding onto it for dear life, whilst one of my other bridesmaids carried two lots of flowers. Not quite the serene stroll that I had envisaged..........

nickelbabyhatcher Mon 28-Mar-11 15:29:09

church or civil?

I walked down to the tune Woodlands - which is the tune for Tell out my soul.

(my DH played it on the organ as i walked in cos he's dead clever)

nickelbabyhatcher Mon 28-Mar-11 15:30:15

a bit like this one
but he immprovised on verses 2 and 3. grin

thumbwitch Mon 28-Mar-11 15:32:27

I prefer the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, I have to say. Much better than "here comes the bride" cos I always think of "big fat and wide", like we used to sing at school blush Children are horrible though.

Anyway. Pachelbel's Canon is nice too - my friend used that one to get married by a lake in America - scored for (very cold) cello and viola. It sounded great!

SnapFrakkleAndPop Mon 28-Mar-11 15:33:40

A trumpet voluntary? Purcell and Clarke are both quite traditional.

What musical reousrces do you have available?

nickelbabyhatcher Mon 28-Mar-11 15:34:29

to me, it has to be a proper fanfar entrance.

I love the Queen of Cheba and Pachelbel's canon, but they just don't sound like entrance music to me.

it's got to be *wake up! i'm here! *

nickelbabyhatcher Mon 28-Mar-11 15:34:42

wake up! i'm here

nickelbabyhatcher Mon 28-Mar-11 15:35:01

Sheba not Cheba.

prettybird Mon 28-Mar-11 15:35:13

I walked out to the organ bit in St Saen symphony No 3 in C Minor - it's the tune used in Babe (also known as the song If I had words

BoattoBolivia Mon 28-Mar-11 15:36:00

We had 'dancing queen' but the instrumental version from the film Muriel's wedding. Then we signed the register to I do I do I do, also Abba! In fact the while soundtrack to that film is great!

Ormirian Mon 28-Mar-11 15:38:47

I love this.

You have to play the first bit as a sort of introduction bit to let the congregation know that you are going to make an appearance, and then try not to gallop down the aisle.

You do need a shit-hot organist mind you, or a full orchestra grin

slug Mon 28-Mar-11 15:41:09

Loaded by Primal Scream. It starts with a sample "do you know what we're going to do now? We're going to have a party, we're going to get loaded"

It got a laugh

Ormirian Mon 28-Mar-11 15:42:31

Brilliant slug! I love loaded, it's on my running playlist.

BoattoBolivia Mon 28-Mar-11 15:43:03

Just have a's beautiful..and your guests will remember it!! dancing queen wedding version

nickelbabyhatcher Mon 28-Mar-11 15:44:31

Orm - i just thought i was a bit horse-galloping! grin
my DH is a shit-hot organist....

SnapFrakkleAndPop Mon 28-Mar-11 15:48:03

How on earth would you arrange that for organ?! I had to do an organ arrangement as part of my orchestration final and still have nightmares about the relatively easy piece we were given.

If we hadn't had a church wedding I'd have had this version of Vivaldi's Summer.

thumbwitch Mon 28-Mar-11 15:49:05

Orm, that's a fantastic piece of music, but I can just see the bride cantering up the aisle as well!
Perhaps Ride of the Valkyries would be a good option? wink

Ormirian Mon 28-Mar-11 15:50:53

Oh go with the dress desinged around the leather breast plate.

We had that bit of the Karelia suite as ours but as going out music when it was a bit more seemly to gallop wink.

nickelbabyhatcher Mon 28-Mar-11 15:52:52

we had this to go out to

nickelbabyhatcher Mon 28-Mar-11 15:53:22

(played by the other organist - thought it wouldn't work so well if DH played it that time! grin )

lucychoobs Mon 28-Mar-11 15:53:34

Wow thanks for all your posts. goin to look them all Up. its Not a church wedding so anythin goes. i was thinkin of the titanic theme song also. hymn to the sea. its got some nice bag pipes half way threw. its a scottish wedding so i quite like that idea. i also love eva cassidy song bird but think i might like to keep that for our first dance. that's all i have at the moment lol. x

twofalls Mon 28-Mar-11 15:53:58

My DH recorded a guitar instrumental versionof back to the oldhouse by The Smiths. Like this but slower and on the guitar back to the old house It was beautiful.

Ormirian Mon 28-Mar-11 15:54:59

Yes that's v nice.

Dad and I ransacked our collections of favourite classics for stuff that didn't normally get played. We had a part of the Bruch Violin concerto too. And a bit of Bach. And the theme tune for Match of the DAy for DH's benefit grin

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