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severe weather warning for 28th/29th September.

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OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 26-Sep-19 13:37:27

Met office warnings for heavy rain for the NE

It seems to ignore the risk for high winds in the south. I'll be back later to highlight this risk. (just wanted to get a thread started while I could)

BlackeyedGruesome Sat 28-Sep-19 08:43:35

Morning. Looks a bit shit for S Wales for four days. Ark building weather.

GloriaSmud Sat 28-Sep-19 08:59:41

More unsettled weather to come this week.

nannynick Sat 28-Sep-19 23:40:43

Sounds a little windy outside, 11:30 Saturday evening. Surrey/Berkshire border.

nannynick Sat 28-Sep-19 23:51:12

Lorenzo - currently a Cat 4 hurricane near the Azores, where will that track to, could it get as far as western UK - Wed /Thurs perhaps?

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