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Fourth attempt at letting you know about the storm risk tonight.

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OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 27-Aug-19 16:15:11

Risk is primarily in the east from around Cambridgeshire upwards and northern England. Risks consist of high winds, torrential downpours and perhaps large hail.

As ever, it is difficult (impossible) to predict where thunderstorms may form in a risk area and while one town may suffer a deluge, the next may stay totally dry.

And argh MN! Let me post this!

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 27-Aug-19 16:16:10

The next attempt at me trying to post this might have resulted in my iPad being thrown across the room

derxa Tue 27-Aug-19 16:16:54

Trying to post

derxa Tue 27-Aug-19 16:17:41

Thanks OP

TopBitchoftheWitches Tue 27-Aug-19 16:19:17

I can see this !

I'm north Essex on the border of Suffolk and Cambs. We need a good storm.

It did get a bit windy earlier but nothing now.

MoaningMinnie1 Tue 27-Aug-19 16:26:25

Thank you (I too have been trying to post, thought it was just me).
I'm in SE London and it is boiling! Tomorrow the temp is supposed to be lower but still hot. I don't know if we'll have a storm here, I wouldn't mind at all if we did.

Anotherusefulname Tue 27-Aug-19 16:27:11

I've got my fingers crossed for some heavy rain but no thunderstorm. No sign yet though. In the Midlands

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 27-Aug-19 16:30:25

It's possible you may see something moaning

I hope I do grin

BobTheFishermansWife Tue 27-Aug-19 16:35:30

Ohhh I do love a good thunderstorm to clear the air!! I just hope it does this time as it didn't last time 🤔

TeaLibrary Tue 27-Aug-19 16:46:18

I'm in the East Midlands. Hoping for a jolly good downpour and some thunder to clear the air but I know not likely from the local forecast

derxa Tue 27-Aug-19 16:54:43

Very dark here in East herts

eenymeenyminyme Tue 27-Aug-19 16:56:19

Just had a rumble of thunder in Berkshire

Danglingmod Tue 27-Aug-19 16:57:32

Please god!

Baguetteaboutit Tue 27-Aug-19 16:58:33

How North - North? Durham, North?

Peaches2018 Tue 27-Aug-19 16:58:42

I'm in West Yorkshire but I'd love a good storm and rain to clean it all up a bit and to water everything but then again all those slugs and the stickiness yuck!!!

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 27-Aug-19 16:58:55 storms are firing up quickly.

Baguetteaboutit Tue 27-Aug-19 17:01:02

That's awesome, thank you.

Mner2019 Tue 27-Aug-19 17:01:17

Thanks for the heads up!

MaureenMLove Tue 27-Aug-19 17:02:16

Well I’ve just spent 3 whole, hot days, turning my garden from an over grown jungle, into something resembling a freshly cut corn field - yellow and dry!

A deluge of rain would be most welcome, but as you know where I am Kitten, I’m guessing I’m not on the radar for rain. sad

Chickenitalia Tue 27-Aug-19 17:02:54

Was very dark about an hour ago, and I was sure there was a flash of lightning but I could have been wrong, no rain and it’s now glorious again. I’m near Oxford. Going to rescue the washing anyway, there nothing forecast here but as has been said, very unpredictable.

Love the weather threads, thank you for persevering @OhYouBadBadKitten

Iggly Tue 27-Aug-19 17:03:20

Nothing forecast for my way but boy does the heat need to break.

EllebellyBeeblebrox Tue 27-Aug-19 17:05:09

I'm in Peterborough and sweating like you wouldn't believe. It feels muggy and heavy and generally gross so fingers crossed for a storm!

StarlingsInSummer Tue 27-Aug-19 17:05:56

We had thunder and heavy rain abut 2 hours ago in West Oxfordshire. Feels as hot and muggy as it did before now!

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 27-Aug-19 17:07:33

I wouldn't totally rule it out Mo. And perhaps some light stuff tomorrow.

You're welcome Chicken smile My initial thread title included this afternoon and dates with more detail but a combination of pain after a small hospital procedure, (local anaesthetic lasting 6 hours my arse) an interfering cat and MN not letting me post ended up turning me into a bad tempered Kitten!

EllebellyBeeblebrox Tue 27-Aug-19 17:08:32

Thankyou OYBBK. Go and find somewhere cool and shady to doze like my grumpy cat x

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