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Whaley Bridge dam collapse

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OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 01-Aug-19 15:38:29


CaptainMyCaptain Thu 01-Aug-19 15:41:52

I'm in Derbyshire and have a load of alerts coming up on Facebook. Thankfully I am nowhere near. I feel for all the people being evacuated.

ithinkiammelting Thu 01-Aug-19 15:43:10

Oh good grief - I hope everyone is evacuated safely.

ILikeyourHairyHands Thu 01-Aug-19 15:53:04

I'm just outside Buxton, we've had a LOT of water and flooding. Very concerning about the dam.

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 01-Aug-19 15:54:28

There are more rain warnings for the region this afternoon, then thankfully, I hope a little calmer. Unfortunately the weather doesn't really look to settle down over the next week.

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 01-Aug-19 15:55:23

I'm sure everyone in the area is in touch with the EA page

stucknoue Thu 01-Aug-19 15:58:15

I'm 40 miles south and the flood plains that protect the city are pretty much full, my dog was swimming on what is normally playing fields just an hour ago, there were teenagers swimming in it too (it was sunny then, back to rain of biblical proportions now). If it rains much more then the city will be at risk ...

MsMarvellous Thu 01-Aug-19 15:59:22

Crikey. I'd not seen this. I hope everyone stays safe

Chosennone Thu 01-Aug-19 16:08:08

I'm only 5 niles away. They have managed to get most people out to family/friends but have opened Chapel High school and Leisure Centre for any displaced people. Really hope it doesn't burst sad

FlowerTink Thu 01-Aug-19 16:11:33

I was searching for a thread on this, so thank you. Watching it on TV now, hoping everyone manages to stay safe sad

AllFourOfThem Thu 01-Aug-19 16:13:34

I’ve just seen the evacuation notices come up. I really hope the dam doesn’t collapse.

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 01-Aug-19 16:18:19

I think the title of the thread was a bit alarmist, sorry. Looking at the overhead shots, it's part of the face of one of the banks that has gone. If they can get the water levels down quickly enough fingers crossed it will hold for repair.

DtPeabodysLoosePants Thu 01-Aug-19 16:19:22

We are a few miles away and very worried. Hoping all in Whaley are safe.

wowfudge Thu 01-Aug-19 16:22:20

It's the run off face which is damaged so more rain means potentially more run off into the already high River Goyt, which runs through Whaley and New Mills. It's the risk of the river flooding the town that's the big fear. Obviously more rain will wash away the earth under the concrete that's broken, but it's not likely the reservoir dam will be breached.

NewYoiker Thu 01-Aug-19 16:23:53

Yes it's awful here

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 01-Aug-19 16:25:39

Thank you for that Wowfudge it's hard to find actual facts. Where are they directing the run offs?

DtPeabodysLoosePants Thu 01-Aug-19 16:42:50

The run offs go into the goyt which is already flooded downriver in Bramhall. Bramhall Roundabout was under several feet of water yesterday. The sky is black here and looks stormy.

EdithWeston Thu 01-Aug-19 16:48:47

It does sound worrying.

The advice to residents was stark - get pets, get any medicines that need, lock your doors and leave.

samanthajonespr Thu 01-Aug-19 16:54:21

I'm in Whaley. I knew it would be bad when they evacuated nursery at 12. It's not true that the entire town has been evacuated though, just the main roads and the lower lying areas. And now it starts pelting down again...

ILikeyourHairyHands Thu 01-Aug-19 17:01:51

Yes, more very heavy rain falling now.

Bercows Thu 01-Aug-19 17:10:43

Torrential rain here and the high street was turned into a river within 2 minutes of the rain starting so god knows what's going to happen with the dam. Whaley Bridge is such a lovely town. My heart goes out to all affected.

wowfudge Thu 01-Aug-19 17:22:16

It goes into the Goyt - there isn't anywhere else to direct it. The run off is the overflow once the reservoir is full.

Apparently, if they tried to lower the reservoir level now, it would flood Bramhall.

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 01-Aug-19 17:25:54

I can see there's a sharp line of convection over the area. Im not quite sure whether it's going to slide along some or be through quite quickly if I'm honest.

Bercows Thu 01-Aug-19 17:27:35

This was Bramhall yesterday.

beenrumbled Thu 01-Aug-19 17:37:18

There has been lines of heavy rain moving through the area all afternoon - sudden torrential downpours that cause drains to fill and back up, then stop just as suddenly. What it will be like in the High Peak I don't know. I just hope everyone is ok.

There has also been some serious flooding at my favourite NT estate
Lyme Park

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