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30 to 40 degrees from 26/06 onwards...

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Mof3K Thu 20-Jun-19 11:34:27

Just seen this prediction from my usual weather guy on Twitter.
Any thoughts?

Leftielefterson Thu 27-Jun-19 22:15:02

aaahhh London’s gonna be fun on the weekend then!

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 27-Jun-19 22:14:46

It is. We are just right on the edge and catch a little pulse.

RosaWaiting Thu 27-Jun-19 22:03:43

I'm also wondering re the temp spike, though all forecasts do have Sunday as much cooler. It just seemed bit odd.

IrenetheQuaint Thu 27-Jun-19 21:01:19

Is it just Saturday that will see the massive temperature spike, OYBBK? That's what the BBC weather forecast says, but it seems slightly odd given the temperatures on the continent.

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 27-Jun-19 19:32:43

London is likely to see 33-34C.

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 27-Jun-19 19:31:05

Where are you seeing 40C? It won't reach that.

ListenLinda Thu 27-Jun-19 06:55:58

29 degrees on saturday? Holy hell.

Supersimpkin Mon 24-Jun-19 09:32:26

Temps of 40 c forecast here in inner London. I am anaemic, asthmatic and have just had 3 lots of leg surgery.

The lift in my block is broken. I live on the 4th floor. Lucky me.

OhMyGodTheyKilledKenny Mon 24-Jun-19 09:27:48

DS has his DofE practice walk (2 nights/3 days) next weekend and it's forecast to be 28 degrees!!

No doubt they'll be some heavy thunderstorms too, just for good measure!

Apolloanddaphne Mon 24-Jun-19 09:23:38

Its fucking freezing here on the east coast of Scotland. I just walked the dog wearing a heavy jacket and a hat. Please send us some heat.

Emmabryant123 Mon 24-Jun-19 09:15:53

It's the humidity
I copes better in 37 c heat in se Asia than this because there is respite as everywhere has air con 😅 and it isn't this horrible humid heat

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 23-Jun-19 19:53:43

At the moment GFS suggests a shift back to cooler temps after the first week of July. But some areas never really get hot.

The first warm days do take some adjusting to.

Emmabryant123 Sun 23-Jun-19 17:08:31

Any chance we could be returning to cooler fresher weather soon or is this likely to be long term like last year ?

Emmabryant123 Sun 23-Jun-19 17:07:53

It is so bloody humid

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 22-Jun-19 22:30:56

I think that we may have temperatures suppressed by cloud.

RosaWaiting Sat 22-Jun-19 20:24:14

Okay, just checked Met Office for my postcode and they have 25 for Tuesday.

RosaWaiting Sat 22-Jun-19 20:22:24

Oh no, xcweather moved the 34 for London to Saturday and I was hoping that meant it wouldn’t happen.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 22-Jun-19 18:43:41

The met office are going for 34C by Tuesday!

New thunderstorm watch thread started.

Its really good to see people posting in the weather forum smile

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 22-Jun-19 18:18:07

We may see temps of 30C in the SE by Thursday. Off to start another thunderstorm watch thread smile

Perihelion Fri 21-Jun-19 22:29:30

While Edinburgh will maybe get as hot as 19C. Also seem to be missing most of the thunderstorm actionsad

Perihelion Fri 21-Jun-19 22:24:36

Met Office yellow weather warnings for thunderstorms and rain from Sunday night, into Monday and Tuesday for most of the UK.
DD is going Paris where it's forecast to be 37C......

SunshineSpring Fri 21-Jun-19 13:11:33

There is a rain warning in place before then!

I've got a max of 21 next week too, Nespresso. I think those temps are a SE thing.

TokyoSushi Fri 21-Jun-19 12:55:48

Yikes! We live in such a hot house too!

ComeOnGordon Thu 20-Jun-19 21:58:42

Our weather forecast is for over 30 degrees from Tuesday for the rest of the week 😩😩😩😩😩 I’ve got such a busy week ahead. I don’t need it

RosaWaiting Thu 20-Jun-19 18:59:15

on Tuesday I read that Europe was due a horrific heatwave next week - so I was girding myself for England to have it too.

xcweather is changing all the time so fingers crossed it won't be that bad....

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