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Spring/Summer 2019

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GloriaSmud Sat 16-Feb-19 14:17:16

Although not officially Spring yet, there are some early weather thoughts on the season
here and here.

GloriaSmud Sat 16-Feb-19 14:19:51

Metoffice Outlook (although they mention cold spells are still possible.)

UK Outlook for Thursday 21 Feb 2019 to Saturday 2 Mar 2019:
Many places will stay dry with sunny spells on Thursday and Friday. The far west and northwest is likely to be cloudier and breezier, with some rain and drizzle. Temperatures will widely be above the seasonal average, but sometimes they will be tempered in the north and west by the wind. Towards the end of Februarary and beinging of March, there will probably be a good deal of dry and bright weather across the south and east, but morning fog is likely here. It will be more changeable in the northwest, with the risk of gales, although some drier interludes are possible here. Temperatures are most likely to be mild overall, but overnight frosts will be likely, with a small chance of a colder spell developing in the east later.

UK Outlook for Sunday 3 Mar 2019 to Sunday 17 Mar 2019:
For the start of March we are likely to continue to see Atlantic frontal systems mainly affecting northern and western parts, but these will occasionally move further east across the rest of the UK as more active features, with strong winds and rain at times. However, many southern and eastern parts of the UK should remain predominantly settled throughout. Any snow looks most likely to be confined to higher ground in the north, although there remains a small chance of snow to low-levels elsewhere, should a continental easterly airflow develop. Temperatures are likely to remain mild overall, although some night frosts are likley in quieter periods.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 17-Feb-19 13:03:35

Some of the models are showing extraordinary warmth for February with temperatures as high as 14 or 15c. Potentially very dry too.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 17-Feb-19 13:07:23

Maybe I should check my own weather station before I post. It's 14c here currently. Some way short of my Feb record of 17.4c set in 2017.

Grace212 Tue 19-Feb-19 18:46:50

wow, I was about to start a thread saying "Is it too good to be true that winter might be over in the London area" grin

I will be so pleased if it's all mild weather now. However, long range forecasts are often wrong aren't they!

GloriaSmud Wed 20-Feb-19 08:45:33

Long-range forecasts certainly can be Grace212!
It's certainly warm out there for the time of year ~ I noticed some frogs getting 'amorous' in the pond yesterday shock I hope if they produce eggs, it doesn't get frozen by a sudden cold spell!

GloriaSmud Thu 21-Feb-19 15:07:37

Temperature records could be broken over the next few days...
Some thoughts from Netweather and TheWeatherOutlook

GloriaSmud Fri 22-Feb-19 07:29:55

February temperature record in Scotland broken yesterday ~ Aboyne reached 18.3C at 13:39, previous record was 17.9C in 1897.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 22-Feb-19 07:50:08

Wow! That's ridiculous, How much snow have they had this winter? It sounds like potential for some serious avalanche risk in mountainous areas.

GloriaSmud Fri 22-Feb-19 08:31:22

Looking at the webcams, not an awful lot this year.

Sandsnake Fri 22-Feb-19 08:34:49

Thanks Gloria! Feb has been such a turnaround from what was initially expected. Despite being a snow lover I’ve been quite enjoying the spring like weather though. Much better than 7 degrees and rainy. Here’s hoping for a late spring / summer like last year!

Perihelion Fri 22-Feb-19 15:16:52

It's been a terrible ski season this year.

Currently 15.8C in my garden. That's as warm as some summer days........knew I shouldn't have bought those sledges....

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 23-Feb-19 08:17:50

There has been a 17c difference this morning between parts of Scotland (16c) and the South (-1c). shock

GloriaSmud Sat 23-Feb-19 14:52:23

Today's thoughts from Netweather ~ how different from this time last year!

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 25-Feb-19 18:23:00

I've reached 20.2C at my weather station today shock

Grace212 Mon 25-Feb-19 18:33:56

I think it was warmer in London.

I'm soooooooooooooooooo hoping there will be no more winter temps till....2020!

Perihelion Wed 27-Feb-19 01:52:45

Bonkers temperatures ( and dryness ) contributing to a fire on Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh and just seen, there's a big fire on Saddleworth Moor.
It's February FFS shock

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 27-Feb-19 07:23:04

I can't believe we have another fire on Saddleworth.

GloriaSmud Wed 27-Feb-19 07:55:23

And on Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh.

GloriaSmud Wed 27-Feb-19 07:57:11

Apologies ~ Perihelion mentioned the Arthur's Seat one earlier blush

GloriaSmud Wed 27-Feb-19 11:01:44

Today's thoughts from Netweather ~ looks like after today, temperatures cool down to where they should be for the time of year, with the possibility of some places getting snow next week.
That's going to be a bit of a shock to the system!

Perihelion Fri 01-Mar-19 08:58:35

Heavy snow forecast for Edinburgh on Sunday night, into Monday.shock
Actually find myself not wanting that to happen, as Monday is my DD's stupidly early skating session and I don't fancy being one of first out on the roads.

GloriaSmud Fri 01-Mar-19 10:08:19

At the moment, I think snow is looking a bit marginal for Edinburgh Perihelion, so hopefully it'll just be rain. We have got a storm coming though (Storm Freya thread here) to contend with Sunday night-early Monday morning so probably wise to keep an eye on the forecast, as things might change.

Grace212 Fri 01-Mar-19 12:31:52

forecasts seem to be around 8-10 for London next week, would our experts agree with that?

megletthesecond Fri 15-Mar-19 09:23:14

I can't bear this wind anymore sad. It's getting to me in a really weird way.
Even going for a run is becoming an effort.

I'd like spring to arrive now please.

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