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Wind watch weekend of 8th Feb

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OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 06-Feb-19 09:57:46

Just one to watch. I think warnings will be going out later today. Nothing too extreme, but it's not been properly windy for ages and with damaged trees from the snow and lots of rain in the same system, there could be some low level disruption.
High Wind right across the uk but southern coasts (gusts to 70?) and northern England and Wales (gusts to 80?) could take the brunt of this one.

Then Saturday/Sunday there is the potential for a different system bringing high winds across central and southern areas into East Anglia (with maybe a little snow embedded?)

BiddyPop Fri 08-Feb-19 08:46:32

Ooh thanks for that Gloria!

We’re in a calm hole just now, comparatively, but it’s still pretty windy in our yellow alert area.

DH, of course, has a meeting in the city in the orange alert area (west coast Ireland) and drove there this morning - he said there was a lot of rain early on but ok now he’s through that, bit windy tho ( he’s the one who drove us “home” for Christmas one year in a storm blowing slates all over the road from roofs and not passing any trucks given their wobbles!).

GloriaSmud Fri 08-Feb-19 09:05:14

BiddyPop ~ hope it helps!
Having stayed on the south-west coast (Kenmare area), I know it does get rather 'blowy' <understatement> that side of the country!

Storm showing up well here.

Dawlish is looking a little stormy at the moment.

GloriaSmud Fri 08-Feb-19 10:09:05

Updated weather warnings. Edge of warning area has been extended southwards but only applies to tomorrow. Nothing for England/southern coasts today confused

GloriaSmud Fri 08-Feb-19 10:13:23

Netweather's thoughts on Storm Erik (as it's been named by Met Eireann.)

Solo Fri 08-Feb-19 10:30:21

Yes, I liked the ivy covering which is probably the reason I left it but, it's down now. I just hope the other trees don't come down too.

I'm in the south-east.

GloriaSmud Fri 08-Feb-19 10:39:48

Solo ~ you might want to check any other trees/garden things as there is now a metoffice wind warning for the south coast for today.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 08-Feb-19 15:13:37

Maybe we should take over the warnings page eh Gloria? wink

They do seem to be operating in a very reactive rather than proactive way at the moment.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 08-Feb-19 15:46:44

Check rail journeys in the south before setting off home this evening - lots of problems with trees down on lines.

GloriaSmud Fri 08-Feb-19 16:40:38

We do seem to be ahead of them OYBBK, they've extended the edge of the warning area southwards again!

Tr1skel1on Fri 08-Feb-19 19:03:57

Irish sea area getting pretty windy, up to storm force 10 overnight at times according to the local forecast. Once again not covered by met office weather warnings!!!

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