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Amber Wind Warning tomorrow (19/9 ~ Storm Ali)

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GloriaSmud Tue 18-Sep-18 10:35:11

First metoffice named storm of the Autumn/Winter. Winds of 65-75mph/gusts could reach 80mph in Amber Warning area.

GloriaSmud Wed 19-Sep-18 13:08:21

Sad news from County Galway.

Runningintothesunset Wed 19-Sep-18 14:15:57

It currently sounds like my roof is going to take off, but is gloriously sunny. Bizarre.

Anyway, real reason for experts what are your predictions for Saturday afternoon and a birthday party involving a bouncy castle near Liverpool confused

GloriaSmud Wed 19-Sep-18 16:30:54

You should be OK for then, Runningintothesunset. Saturday looks like being the calm between 2 storms!

Runningintothesunset Wed 19-Sep-18 17:29:14

Oh thanks Gloria, that’s what my bbc app was suggesting but I trust you guys more!

Keeping everything crossed...

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