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Storm Helene on her way...

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OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 14-Sep-18 12:38:48

First autumnal weather of the season is on its way early next week.

Weather warnings are out:

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 14-Sep-18 12:43:26

Doesn't look too bad at present, mostly affecting western areas with gales and rain, but it will be a bit of a shock after the benign weather we've been having.

You can see her on the charts...

BiddyPop Fri 14-Sep-18 13:13:41

There are warnings on the UK Met Office website, but Met Eireann saying "Current indications are that (ex-)tropical storm Helene will approach Ireland's south coast Monday night or Tuesday. It is likely to bring wet and windy weather, but at the moment there are no strong indications that it will bring any severe or damaging weather."

I shall watch with interest (and have my raincoat and more waterproof shoes at the ready)!

GloriaSmud Fri 14-Sep-18 14:07:44

Netweather are saying Helene could bring some quite warm temperatures for some areas, as well as wind and rain.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 14-Sep-18 14:20:15

There's a lot of uncertainty Biddy, I think the current path shows the worst missing Ireland.
I don't think this is anything to be especially worried about. It's likely, if it stays as forecast that it will bring some branches down and there may be some localised flooding.

It does look to get pretty warm for the second half of September.

BiddyPop Fri 14-Sep-18 16:13:51

Oooh, I won't put away my shorts just yet then!!

Tr1skel1on Fri 14-Sep-18 22:16:57

OYBBK & Gloria, my local weather forecast seems to think Helene will not bring us much, if any, bad weather (gusts of 40 - 50 very normal here)

However according to the UK Met Office we are directly in line to be hit with the worst of it.

Where I live is likely to catch the worst of it, it's an exposed spot. I'm going to spend the weekend battening down the hatches but I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding the difference in forecasts?

SpoonBlender Fri 14-Sep-18 22:29:20

Has everyone seen ? I love it, just watching the swirls. Bit worried about some friends over on the east coast of the USA mind.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 14-Sep-18 22:41:36

It's just a bit early really to nail down what's going to happen. Gusts of 40-50 though can be a bit disruptive this early in the season.

Tr1skel1on Fri 14-Sep-18 23:23:02

Thank you OYBBK. I'm not minimising the wind speeds, they are fairly normal for here, but obviously not mainland UK. Think I'll keep a close eye on the forecast, we haven't had any decent waves for ages, I might walk the dog on the beach and wave watch.

GloriaSmud Sun 16-Sep-18 13:25:51

Updated weather warnings to cover the north.

Might be also worth keeping an eye on this system that could bring strong winds/rain later in the week.

MrSlant Sun 16-Sep-18 22:12:29

<happy sigh> I knew you would have started something about this.

We have a yellow weather warning for tomorrow evening. I think the fact that the trees are still in full leaf is the most worrying bit. Should be breezy here on the west Wales coast at least.

GloriaSmud Mon 17-Sep-18 06:52:19

MrSlant ~ grin Yep, one of us is usually here, keeping the MN weather department going!

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 17-Sep-18 09:08:12

Yes, we have two separate areas of concern, one Wednesday and one Thursday night. But at the moment the models don't have a real handle on Helene and until that goes through we really can't know what's going to happen for the rest of the week.

GloriaSmud Mon 17-Sep-18 10:22:30

Updated warnings have brought it all south a bit.

GloriaSmud Mon 17-Sep-18 12:23:45

And a wind warning for Wednesday.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 19-Sep-18 08:36:52

amber warnings now with gusts between 70-80 mph in western scotland.

BiddyPop Wed 19-Sep-18 09:24:07

Sorry I meant to come back on this thread about Storm Ali.
OYBBK and Gloria were spot on re UK Met Office warnings on Monday - Met Eireann had no warnings until 6am yesterday, but while it was only yellow then, at least they did mention in the early morning weather forecast (just before 8) that it was likely to be upgraded to amber for some counties.

It was indeed quite windy last night through the night, and the ploughing championships are starting 2 hours later than scheduled to allow it to pass overhead. And a good few flights cancelled (including DH's early one to Birmingham - he goes at lunchtime now instead having woken me a good few times during the night.......grrrrr).

I know there was a tree down on the main road near us at 7.30, but cleared by 8am - I go the opposite direction in the mornings so didn't see it. Plenty of sticks and green leaf debris around town though.

No rain - it seems to be just missing us here, and it is expected to start to lessen in wind strength in Dublin at around late morning. It built up between 6 and 7 am, and was up at sustained 44kph by 8am and gusting 81-85 kph at Dublin airport (and feels it!).

flopsyrabbit1 Wed 19-Sep-18 12:45:31

ive read there is a possible big storm Sunday for the uk

GloriaSmud Wed 19-Sep-18 13:04:52

flopsyrabbit1 ~ Warnings are already out for Sunday and Monday.

flopsyrabbit1 Wed 19-Sep-18 13:07:57

ah ok will take a look thanks

will there be a new thread for it?

flopsyrabbit1 Wed 19-Sep-18 13:10:49

blimey there is some bad weather for the next few days,never seen so many ww

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 19-Sep-18 13:25:23

There has been a death when a ladies caravan blew off a cliff sad

BiddyPop Wed 19-Sep-18 13:46:35

DH is still waiting at the airport - fascinating looking at flight radar seeing the 2 stacks going in the Irish sea (you often see one, unusual to see both at the same time) and lots of cancellations and diversions. Sadly, 1 caravan blown off a cliff and a woman died in Galway. Lots and lots of trees down even here in the city centre, and power outages around the country. But dry so it could be worse.

We've noticed a big front coming for Sunday/Monday as well - is pretty good to see ahead, and seems better than Met Eireann for that.

DH is still sitting in the airport waiting to see if his new flight will go - it's already delayed but he may be at home tonight after all....

GloriaSmud Wed 19-Sep-18 14:10:06

flopsyrabbit1 ~ I suppose if the metoffice makes it another named storm, there might have to be a new thread. After Sunday/Monday, it's looking calmer next week so hopefully this is just a 'wild spell' of Autumnal weather rather than one system after another.

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