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I see brown leaves!

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SlowlyLosingWeight Sat 18-Aug-18 12:27:27

Only a few... but they're starting to change. I cannot WAIT for October! Red and yellow and orange and brown...

Having an early Saturday morning stroll with all the crunchy leaves on the ground
Hot chocolate
Cozy dark nights

No more heatwaves, being woken up at 5am by the sun beaming in your eyes and having a sweaty fanny grin

Bring... it... on... 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂

GloriaSmud Sat 18-Aug-18 16:10:52

We had brown/dead leaves on the trees about a month ago but think that was down to the hot weather and they all came down in the first strong winds/heavy rain, leaving more green leaves behind. Now though, I've noticed these leaves are changing as well, as they do when 'proper' Autumn is coming.
And it's dark by 9pm as well ~ I read a post on Netweather this week that from this month, it gets darker 2 minutes earlier each night. After last winter which seemed to go on and on, I'm not sure I'm ready for the dark/cold so soon, even after the nice Summer!

Soon be Christmas!

SlowlyLosingWeight Tue 21-Aug-18 07:16:51

I'm not keen on winter but autumn is beautiful, cozy, colourful and comfortable 😊

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