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Tomorrow - East Cornwall

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househunthappening Sat 28-Jul-18 09:47:22

DS's 1st birthday party in our garden tomorrow. Not enough room inside for all the guests if it rains. People invited from 3pm.

Shall we abort and go with our alternative plan of doing it in the local football club?

Cornishclio Sat 28-Jul-18 09:51:40

I am in South East Cornwall and I think the weather is supposed to be mixed all weekend. Last weekend we held a party at my DDs and SILs and the weather in the morning was wet so they put up a Gazebo on the patio so if it rained some of us could sit out there. It worked well and the sun came out anyway. Is that an option?

househunthappening Sat 28-Jul-18 10:06:01

Yes that could be an option, my brother has a small marquee and a gazebo but I'm thinking it might be too windy to put it up.

Annoying the weather for the afternoon doesn't actually seem too bad, but the morning is awful!

GloriaSmud Sat 28-Jul-18 10:48:18

If you haven't got too much preparation to do (in the garden) beforehand, you might just about be OK for keeping it there. It's supposed to get better as the afternoon goes on but it's a bit of a 'close call' ~ it could still be a bit wet/windy just as everyone's arriving!

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