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Fig me, it's GREEN in south of France

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BlackeyedSusan Thu 26-Jul-18 19:51:33

there are still little bits of green grass round the edges of the garden north facing in shade all day. the rest is brown or a mixture of browny green depending how long each day each part is in the sun.

GloriaSmud Thu 26-Jul-18 19:41:52

I can't remember what it's like to have green grass now. And I think it must be 2-3 weeks since I actually cut any grass as well!

lljkk Thu 26-Jul-18 19:36:55

Watching Tour de France highlights. Suddenly struck me 'What's wrong with this picture'. I know it's Pyrenees' foothills, but even so. Lovely GREEN. A lot greener landscape than where I live is right now (east of England). Wow.

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