Sept 1st weather?

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Tigger83 Sun 22-Jul-18 20:21:16

Hello lovely knowledgeable weather gurus any thoughts on the weather for 1st of Sept as it is my wedding day!! In 3 giant tipis in a forest!

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AgathaRaisonDetra Sun 22-Jul-18 20:30:57

It will rain at 3.01 pm for 17 minutes.

Ticcinalong Sun 22-Jul-18 20:31:50

Impossible to tell at this stage, fingers crossed for you though!

Snakedoctor Sun 22-Jul-18 20:51:57

Congratulations! I will be celebrating my 11th wedding anniversary on 1st sept and believe that the weather is generally lovely here in the south east for early September! Fingers crossed!

GlacindaTheTroll Sun 22-Jul-18 20:56:24

When do your local schools go back? - whatever the date, there will be a period of fine, sunny, settled weather just after

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 22-Jul-18 20:59:41

It sounds amazing!
Unfortunately we can't know. Give us a prod 10 days before and we can start to give an inkling.

Tigger83 Sun 19-Aug-18 16:28:00

Hi oh knowledgeable ones! Just wondering if you had any idea what the weather will be doing in Stansted on the 1st Sept?

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GloriaSmud Sun 19-Aug-18 17:08:06

(Don't take this as a certainty!) It's looking OK at the moment and quite warm.
Perhaps do another prod again in a week or so ~ things should be getting a bit more certain.

GloriaSmud Sun 19-Aug-18 17:10:14

If it helps, the metoffice are giving this for their Outlook..

UK Outlook for Friday 24 Aug 2018 to Sunday 2 Sep 2018:
On Friday and Saturday many places will have sunshine and showers. These showers heavy at times and with a risk of hail and thunder, particularly in the north, with the best of the sunnier spells in the southeast. It will be windy at times, and some more persistent rain may reach northwestern parts on Saturday. Through the rest of the weekend and into the following week the northwest will have showers or longer spells of rain at times, with drier and brighter conditions generally in the southeast, although even here some bands of rain may move through. This weather pattern is quite likely to continue through the rest of the period. Temperatures starting rather cool, but recovering to around normal, and perhaps warm at times in the southeast.

Tigger83 Sun 19-Aug-18 17:16:39

Thank you! So looking sunny with the risk of showers?

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GloriaSmud Sun 19-Aug-18 18:13:56

At the moment, I'd say showers are a possibility but as you're towards the E/SE, hopefully the area will fall more into the 'drier and brighter' that the metoffice are going on about in their Outlook!

GloriaSmud Thu 23-Aug-18 08:15:09

Just had a quick look and (I know it's over a week to go) but beginning to look OK ~ warm and dry.
Metoffice give you this for their Outlook...

UK Outlook for Monday 27 Aug 2018 to Wednesday 5 Sep 2018:

For Monday, the Bank Holiday (except in Scotland), will probably become brighter with a few blustery showers around and a brisk breeze. Changeable weather is likely on Tuesday with showers or longer spells of rain in the northwest, although it will be drier and warmer towards the southeast. Some rain is possible on Wednesday across the UK, but the end of the week looks like becoming dry and bright away from the far northwest. Though nights may be chilly, it will become warm during the day. At the start of September there are signals for dry, bright and warm weather to become more widely established, though short spells of wind and rain may affect northern and western parts at times.

Tigger83 Sat 25-Aug-18 22:04:01

Ohhh thank you @GloriaSmud currently checking metcheck accuweather and anything else I can find and keeping my fingers crossed!

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GloriaSmud Sun 26-Aug-18 11:05:59

Yes ~ looking like it's going to be pretty good for you!

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