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August forecast.

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megletthesecond Sun 15-Jul-18 08:52:27

Are there any hints of what may happen in August?

I'm torn between needing rain for the wildlife and farmers and wanting a hot and dry, and therefore easier, school holidays.

GloriaSmud Mon 16-Jul-18 17:23:44

Sally- I'm not seeing those sort of higher 30 type temperatures for next week but they could get into the mid-upper 20s, especially for the Midlands southwards.

We're in N Wales at the moment and it's been wet today. It was also the day we booked to go up Snowdon on the railway. We saw all of about 20....feet from the top! And what's worse, the rest of the week looks OK!

Whatthefoxgoingon Mon 16-Jul-18 17:39:50

Ursula you need a bikini and short shorts for London, not a coat!

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 16-Jul-18 17:50:19

Gloria, it was the ECMWF 00z run showing those kind of temps, from around the 27th July. So towards the model run end and therefore low reliability, but worth keeping in the back of your mind, especially given ECMWF undercooks things.

35c is 95F
and you have to add five hours on to the time of day...

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 16-Jul-18 17:53:16 to see those charts. Control run.

cyounexttuesday Mon 16-Jul-18 18:10:42

We've had a little rain today on east coast. However for those wanting rain for farmers....the farmers don't want a wet August, I have farming friends & for those that grow crops warm & dry now is good, what they don't need is rain when they want to harvest crops.
Tho I'm sure wildlife would appreciate some rain....& I realise we haven't had as hot as most of the UK

ClashCityRocker Mon 16-Jul-18 18:15:20

It was supposed to be cooler and rainy today here.

My forecast on my phone said 22 degrees and it got up to 30.

No rain, but has been cloudy so we might get some yet.

I'm finding every week hints at more unsettled weather but it just doesn't seem to break.

GloriaSmud Mon 16-Jul-18 18:34:04

Ah interesting. One to watch- will be interesting to see what the other weather models think in the next few days.

UrsulaPandress Mon 16-Jul-18 19:09:09

It's just started raining here.

Feels fabulous

Fatbelliedgirl Mon 16-Jul-18 19:57:07

Last Friday we had torrential rain for over an hour - it was blissful. Also a light shower a little while ago. Quite a breeze here now and actually feeling a little chilly sat outside in a sleeveless top!

TheCatFromOuterSpace Mon 16-Jul-18 20:00:17

I am going to be so cross if it starts raining just in time for the school holidays...

flopsyrabbit1 Mon 16-Jul-18 20:06:50

what is classed as high humidity,its 69% and feels muggy

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 16-Jul-18 21:44:13

It depends on the temperature flopsy. 'Feels like' temperatures adjust for humidity as well as wind speed. If you are out of the wind though it will feel higher obviously.

WhoKnowsWhereTheW1neGoes Mon 16-Jul-18 21:52:22

I'm really hoping it turns cooler for the school holidays, days out are really difficult in this heat, so much easier when it's a bit less hot.

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 17-Jul-18 08:10:18

NE now have hosepipe bans despite higher than usual groundwater heights.

WhispersOfWickedness Tue 17-Jul-18 21:26:01

Can I ask about 30th July to 3rd August yet or is it too far away to be reliable? We are camping in the Dalby Forest so obviously after the holy grail of perfect camping weather grin

princesstiasmum Tue 17-Jul-18 21:35:29

Its the NW that have hosepipe bans isnt it, according to the news,i am in North east Yorkshire and no hosepipe ban here

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 17-Jul-18 21:38:59

yes sorry, NW. Silly me!

princesstiasmum Tue 17-Jul-18 21:40:34

The Guardian have corrected their headline, to NW not NE ,im sure Dalby Forest will be fine
I am not far from there

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 17-Jul-18 22:16:09

That's where I picked it up from. doh.

princesstiasmum Tue 17-Jul-18 22:41:04

It did say NE in the Guardian headlines,but apparently they corrected it,
I knew it was NW as my sister lives near Blackpool and she was telling me too

AuntieStella Tue 17-Jul-18 22:48:30

I was expecting sod's law to kick in, and fine sunny termtime weather in England to end when schools break up.

So I thought there might be change from next week. It doesn't matter when you set the term dates, btw. The weather just knows

UrsulaPandress Thu 19-Jul-18 18:02:08

Yes we have a hosepipe ban as all the water has been used putting out the moor fires.

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