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Heatwave in London

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Slimthistime Sun 18-Jun-17 13:15:32

Wonder if any knowledgeable folk are about
Is the heatwave in London really not breaking till the weekend?
Before anyone tells me off, the office is boiling, Tube is boiling, flat is boiling. I think there's been 17 days this year already where the flat has been 28 at night. It feels a bit much. I was just really hoping thy might be wrong about it being all week. This big block of flats kind of accumulates heat as well.

Last year we had a frost in May, it does feel unusual this year and the effect on my asthma is not helping.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 18-Jun-17 13:16:46

I pity anyone dealing with London heat,I remember it well!

user1496484020 Sun 18-Jun-17 13:18:16

I've just sent dp out to get a fan. I'm bloody melting. No air.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 18-Jun-17 13:19:34

I'm afraid it does look to last all week, hopefully more pleasant temps by Friday. You have my sympathy, I was in central London yesterday and it was really hot. Public transport was awful.

Slimthistime Sun 18-Jun-17 13:22:13

Thanks Kitten
I would have booked tomorrow as a work at home day but got distracted by the news. Tomorrow is looking like the worst one I think?

Stupid thing is, I might find the boss sends us home early but it's hard to ask to swap a home working day because of heat, it just sounds mad.

The office is tiny and fans just move the hot air around.

MargotLovedTom1 Sun 18-Jun-17 13:26:03

I also remember the heat in London: it almost throbs off the pavement. I can put myself back there now walking around Camberwell just thinking about the heat, the noise and fumes from the buses, cars going past with the bass of the music booming out, the crowds of people, the cooking smells coming from the fast food places. It was exhilarating and exhausting all in one and I always felt grubby and sweaty.

Teachervoice Sun 18-Jun-17 13:27:50

Hate to add to your despair but looks like Thursday is going to be hotter!

londonloves Sun 18-Jun-17 13:28:23

Forecast says 32 on Thursday then dropping off to about 23/4 at the weekend. It's hard work!

FellOutOfBed2wice Sun 18-Jun-17 13:32:04

I work in a central London school. Absolutely insane temperatures in there on Friday and it makes the kids insane. There is no air anywhere in this house at the moment.

Lottapianos Sun 18-Jun-17 13:32:47

'It was exhilarating and exhausting all in one and I always felt grubby and sweaty.'

Spot on. I hate feeling disgusting all day long. It's going to be a rough week

Slimthistime Sun 18-Jun-17 13:33:11

Forecasts seem to really vary
Thursday I am working at home which is better because at least no Tube, no other computers radiating heat.

SleightOfHand Sun 18-Jun-17 13:35:44

Are some of the tube trains air conditioned now? I think it's absolutely disgusting in this day and age not to have A/C on public transport, the busses as well.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 18-Jun-17 13:38:32

Thursday has the potential to go Bang! in a big way I think. I'm keeping a fairly close eye on it.

Slimthistime Sun 18-Jun-17 13:39:06

PS is it really true that lining the windows with tin foil will help? Surely that to be on the outside? I don't want to blind opposite neighbours either but they seem to have their blinds drawn anyway.

One MNer suggested a camping solar panel might help but I can't see how.

Sorry to whinge, it's 28 here already and there's no air. The sun hasn't even hit the flat yet! We all face southwest, oddly the corridor is cooler bit it's not the kind of block where you could leave a door open.

G1ggleloop Sun 18-Jun-17 13:39:25

The lines which can be air conditioned are. There's no way to put air conditioning in deep level tubes. There's a massive payment waiting for anyone who comes up with an effective way to cool the deep level tube but nobody has managed it yet

Slimthistime Sun 18-Jun-17 13:40:24

X post
Sleight, Nothern Line, one of the deepest, can't be done I think.

Kitten, do you mean a big storm? It would be so nice if that happened earlier.

VerityHabitat Sun 18-Jun-17 13:45:03

God it is shit. I am dreading tomorrow.

As far as I can tell Monday will be he worst day and then it will cool down a little. It's the thermal gain that is shit - once the city heats up it takes a while to cool back down!

Youcantscaremeihavechildren Sun 18-Jun-17 13:50:29

I am so glad I'm not in a city right now...however I have got to do a 13 mile walk through the Kent countryside on Thursday with my school...really not looking forward to that!
I've heard ice in front of a fan helps, keeping blinds closed but windows open, those water sprays with a fan..not much help I know!

SleightOfHand Sun 18-Jun-17 13:51:05

Ok, I really meant inside the actual trains, least they'd be a break from the heat of the tunnels.

The thing is most of the times when it rains it just gets more humid. sad

Not sure if this tip works but having a big bowl of ice with a fan blowing on it from behind. Also, instead of having the fan pointing into the room, have it pointing out an open window, thus sucking the hot air out.

I've lived in flats before, bloody heat rising and all that, only time being cool is having a cool shower.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 18-Jun-17 13:56:25

potentially slim.

I have a complicated heat management system, all windows open if there is a breeze.
If no breeze then windows open on non sunny side, until the temperature outside is hotter than inside. At that point all all windows shut.
Closing the curtains does make a difference.

Highalert Sun 18-Jun-17 13:58:46

It's hot in the Midlands. Is London heat different then?

Slimthistime Sun 18-Jun-17 14:01:42

I have a complicated system too but the best I got was about 2am last night when it was 26.5 on the thermostat.

I'm normally pretty active so I guess I'm also irritable because it's too hot for that, I did go for a run yesterday but dont think I can face it today.

VerityHabitat Sun 18-Jun-17 14:16:04

The Boris buses do have air conditioning but it isn't very effective with the huge triple doors opening.
DH is taking a cab in early and staying late to avoid the highest temps.

I used to freeze half filled bottles of water (lay them on their side so you get more surface area of ice) and take them on the tube with me. Really did help a lot.

UrsulaPandress Sun 18-Jun-17 14:19:06

It's lovely sitting in my garden under the parasol.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 18-Jun-17 14:21:54

city heat is extraordinary. Partly because of the urban heat island effect shoving up temps higher than surrounding countryside and partly because of all the glare and reflection from concrete. Also often lack of any discernible breeze. Yesterday London had the highest recorded temp across the UK

I'd imagine Birmingham is pretty boiling hot too today.

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