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Nibletmum Sat 27-May-17 08:15:57

Has anyone got any bright ideas to stop your thighs sticking together in the heat?
I'm 8 months pregnant and the heat is killing me but the thought of painful legs in a skirt is enough to keep me in leggings 😕

Smugasshit Sat 27-May-17 08:17:13


rizlett Sat 27-May-17 08:19:00


MissBax Sat 27-May-17 08:19:33

I'm 6 months pregnant and in the same boat - I've been wearing DP's boxers, they really help!

ChampagneCommunist Fri 02-Jun-17 22:04:03

Cotton cycling shorts. I bought some on Amazon for £6. Worth every penny

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