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BadKittens Just For Fun Christmas forecast thread.

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OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 08-Dec-16 07:08:30

Disclaimer: This is for fun, any accuracy, especially this far out is entirely coincidental! I'm an amateur forecaster. Things will change between now and Christmas day

Christmas Eve just squeezes into GFS model range so here we go smile as other models come into range, I'll be using those too.

23rd December High pressure looks to dominate. Cold - temps close to freezing. A little potential for snow, even in the south. Ensembles almost all show cold, so confidence is more reasonable than usual at this time frame.

Christmas Eve Cold weather with a low potential for snow continues.

MeAndTheMajor Thu 08-Dec-16 07:12:32

Weeeeeee! One my favouritw threads of the year! Thanks OYBBK.

Obviously a dusting of festive snow would be the dream, but as long as this unseasonal mildness disappears, I don't care. Am so glad to see that it suggests it'll be chilly. Christmas should be cold and crisp.

Twoevils Thu 08-Dec-16 07:13:24

Crosses fingers just a little bit (will make kids Christmas, me not so much)

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 08-Dec-16 07:22:17

But my bolding didnt work on my headings sad

leesmum Thu 08-Dec-16 07:32:16

You've made my morning, thanks Kitten and Gloria I shall be checking in every day ❄☃❄

Vanillamanilla1 Thu 08-Dec-16 07:33:20

I'm in the south and we never get snow !!
Squuuuuuueeeeree you might have just made my day OYBBK

Motheroffourdragons Thu 08-Dec-16 07:34:41

I will be travelling on the 23rd, so please can you postpone any snow until Christmas Eve ?

Thanks smile

BiddyPop Thu 08-Dec-16 08:02:01

What does it look like for the south of Ireland? We are traveling from Dublin in the afternoon of 23rd and have a lot of local driving around Cork harbour until 28th. (We're staying right on the edge- last time there were fabulous storms to watch on the water! 💨💨😀)

I know it's a cheeky question but some interesting weather once we're there would be great🌨🌩☄💨🌨


BiddyPop Thu 08-Dec-16 08:02:43

I see bold headings

WhispersOfWickedness Thu 08-Dec-16 08:19:55

I'm not sure I want snow at Christmas, we're off to Norway on the 27th!! I'd be a laughing stock with my Norwegian friends if my flight was delayed because of a few flakes grin

digerd Thu 08-Dec-16 12:29:07

So far the forecast for SE has been 1 correct out of the 3.
Much milder but not wet and windy unless it happened in the night.
New forecast is now dry but cloudy

Sunny yesterday morning but overcast today so far and 13 degrees.

glenthebattleostrich Thu 08-Dec-16 12:31:47

Ooh, how lovely would a white Christmas be. Excited now fgrin

You do realise that with one post you are responsible for millions of peoples Christmas dreams!!!!

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 08-Dec-16 13:20:22

Oh no Glen!!! Please don't say that! How awful!

Biddy, it's odd, they are back now! I won't get into too much specifics until we are 10 days out, at the moment even general trends can be entirely wrong. But give me a prod next week again smile

Mirandawest Thu 08-Dec-16 13:24:50

I'd like it to be sunny and cold please. And a little flurry of snow would be nice smile

Bravas Thu 08-Dec-16 13:37:57

Oooh that looks promising!

GloriaSmud Thu 08-Dec-16 14:25:45

Yay - the Christmas thread. And ('tis quite a way ahead) but possibilities of something wintry around Christmas.
<jingles bells>

misson Thu 08-Dec-16 14:30:54

Now I can't work as I'm too excited.

I love Christmas. I actually bought a sledge for dc3 this week. It hasn't snowed here since he was born. He is nearly 5.

I am feeling optimistic!

Jingle jingle jingle

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Thu 08-Dec-16 14:43:24

Oh Misson, you just had to spoil it for everyone, didn't you fsad. I made the mistake of buying a lovely wooden sledge 4 or 5 years ago on the promise of a cold winter... no snow since.

MorrisZapp Thu 08-Dec-16 14:46:02

Oh yes please, let it be cold!

Have just visited 'Winter Wonderland' in my shirt sleeves. The ice rink is melting.

I feel sorry for anyone trying to flog mulled wine in this weather.

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 08-Dec-16 14:57:13

Misson, how could you sad

Morris, that's not good. It does need to cool down rather a lot really!

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 08-Dec-16 14:59:03

I only forecast/guess? once a day on the christmas thread but I had a quick peek just now. I'll look again tomorrow, it was a bit discouraging, though some lovely proper cold over Europe which is a good sign.

MorrisZapp Thu 08-Dec-16 14:59:23

And I'm in Scotland smile

SweetChickadee Thu 08-Dec-16 16:53:39

No No No - No bloody snow.

I'm coming back to the UK from Canada for Christmas and it needs to be dry so we can drive about to see everyone.

Here it was -25 this morning. You can't frighten me with your talk of 'cold' grin

starrynight19 Thu 08-Dec-16 16:59:45

Aww a white Christmas would be lovely fsmile

BiddyPop Thu 08-Dec-16 18:00:19

Chickadee- except that you said UK, you could be DSIL with my DB and DNiece! And they have a lot of driving to do while they're "home" too!

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