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Average global temperatures up *again* this month - how long will it continue?

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glacierchick Fri 09-Sep-16 13:58:54

In spite of the end of El Nino, August breaking temperature records again this month, a really remarkable run of temperature extremes.

According to Copernicus (the EU's earth observation platform)

"August 2016 extended the spell of exceptional global warmth that has now lasted more than a year. Although the global temperature anomaly peaked in February and declined steadily from March to June, it rose again in July and August. The global average temperature anomaly for August was:

0.62 OC higher than the August average for 1981-2010;
0.17 OC higher than the previous highest August value, which occurred in 2015."

I'd expected the run of records (though not the increase in global temperature) to have stopped by now. Truly phenomenal acceleration in global warming that we're seeing this year.

talulahbelle Fri 07-Oct-16 08:36:52

I'm actually really scared by this, and feel so hopeless. We do all the normal things - recycle, economise on energy, but without a huge shift in behaviour it just feels like nothing will change.

The planet will be fine - but what kind of life and environment are we bequeathing to our children?

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