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Why am I not getting any storms?

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Fettuccinecarbonara Wed 22-Jun-16 21:03:56

Moved to south west (Devon, Dartmoor) in 2006. We had LOADS of storms that year, and the couple of years after. I remember because I had a bloody irritating dog at the time who was scared of storms and would start howling about 30 minutes before a storm actually appeared, then would tremble and wee during the storm.

I LOVE storms.

Yet, apart from some amazing thundersnow I about 2009, we've had barely any storms.

Why is this? And where are they?!

digerd Thu 23-Jun-16 07:56:23

I hate thunderstorms but at least the crashing noises were absent.
I have a dog which began to be unsettled before it began about 1.30 and the flashes of lightning I saw only through drawn curtains and was counting the 5 second per mile away rule. Luckily the thunder was miles away and eventually the dog calmed down despite the thunder still occurring.

I am terrified of the "flash crash" as lightning is almost overhead. We did not have that and I kept the curtains closed and my back to the window.

I live in SE Lea Valley area.

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