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Sick of this weather!!

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1fedupmama Mon 01-Feb-16 22:52:52

So where I live has now been flooded atleast 5times, & the rain & wind still doesn't seem to be giving up anytime soon!!
Can't even do the simple school run without being drenched, literally soaked to the bone! & freezing!
God knows how much gas I've been threw in the last month or so, my heating is on 24/7 either heating us up or drying us off!
Right now I am listening to the wind wondering which neighbour I will be bothering in the morning to retrieve my garden toys... Playhouse likes a wander!! Thank god I dismantled the trampoline at the start of winter cause right now it would have been anywhere in the whole of Scotland the way this wind is going!
I think it's about time mr sunshine came out & gave us all a break!

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