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So...who's flooded?

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rabbit123 Sat 26-Dec-15 12:44:52

Our village is under water. Our house is fine thankfully as we're up on a hill, but lots of friends and neighbours are flooded and have been evacuated. We're stranded as the roads out of here are blocked.

I hope everyone is safe and well! Love to all.

fuctifino Sat 26-Dec-15 13:00:37

I live in a farmhouse nestled into a hollow in the hills.
Last night, one of our dogs was really, really restless, so dh took her out to see what was up with her. He went into the old dairy (attached to the back of the house) to find it just about knee deep in water. Our 4 guinea pigs live in a pen there and were only saved as they have a little box to go in, which is slightly raised. They were stood in water but not enough to drown them. We're wondering if the dog heard them creating.
An SOS call to our neighbour brought him down with his digger to dig a trench to divert the water.
Today we are still pumping water out but it hasn't got into the house as it did last night. Most of today has been spent trying to divert water onto the surrounding land and away from our house.
On the plus side, the guinea pigs are now installed in a different out building and are eating and drinking.
I feel desperately sorry for all those affected. It is such a helpless position to be in sad

rabbit123 Sat 26-Dec-15 13:13:30

Where about are you fuctifino? Glad to hear the animals are ok! Good luck with keeping the water away, sounds like you've got it under control as best you can

Wetoopere Sat 26-Dec-15 13:22:30

Where abouts are you?
South Cumbria seems to be getting off lightly this time.

Donge13 Sat 26-Dec-15 13:31:54

We are under 4 foot of water in greater Manchester

hugoagogo Sat 26-Dec-15 13:40:01

Crumbs, there are some humungous puddles here in our part of north yorks, but we are safely away from the river, so unlikely too flood. Thankfully.

I am thinking of all those who are flooded today.

rabbit123 Sat 26-Dec-15 14:22:06

We're in Yorkshire, just outside of Hebden Bridge

fuctifino Sat 26-Dec-15 15:34:54

I'm in east lancs.

Godstopper Sat 26-Dec-15 19:09:49

The scene when we ventured up the road for a pub lunch (York outskirts).

TinklyLittleLaugh Sat 26-Dec-15 19:13:52

Some houses are flooded in our village; we are a few metres above the river and not too worried. So horrible for those affected though.

rudolphistheboss Sat 26-Dec-15 19:15:55

Our road is cut off and we are in the middle of nowhere so had a 2 mile walk from the village where we've left the car carrying ds(1) and dd(3). Over 2 fields scaling barbed wire fences (with farmer's permission) then up a dirt track back to the main road. Quite adventurous! Just feeling so grateful that the water, although it has completely cut off the end of our road, is nowhere near our house. Hope everyone else is ok.

LadyPenelope68 Sat 26-Dec-15 19:33:31

Sounds like I could be very close to you rabbit123. Luckily we're at the top of a hill, but friends/family have been badly hit by the flooding.

rabbit123 Sat 26-Dec-15 22:36:11

Where are you, LadyPenelope68?

Our garage has flooded but only by a few centimetres. House is fine. We're a bit isolated through at the moment

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