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Weather warnings for the next few days

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GloriaSmud Wed 02-Dec-15 16:26:49

issued by the metoffice for gales and rain.
<weights everything down in the garden again>

SideOrderofChips Wed 02-Dec-15 16:43:08

Better get sil tosort the shed out up the field and tie it down so it doesnt blow in with the ponies again!

seasidesally Wed 02-Dec-15 22:49:37

just miss them

notsomanky Thu 03-Dec-15 11:37:44

I'm supposed to be taking DD round the Christmas Markets on Saturday. It's a yearly trip to have a girls day and spend her birthday money. I'm so not looking forward to it now!

JillJ72 Thu 03-Dec-15 17:13:16

Zzzzzzzzz dull, wet, windy, so mild. It was a novelty to have sun and frost for two days last weekend.

Girlfriend36 Thu 03-Dec-15 18:28:48

Its really windy here and stupidly mild for winter confused I'm South West.

GloriaSmud Thu 03-Dec-15 20:57:57

'Tis a mild (11.8C), wet and windy evening here (Leicester) too. We're not covered by any weather warnings now but it's still looking blustery from tomorrow night and through Saturday.

I think (from my amateur glance at the weather charts) there are hints of something I bit more like winter from next weekend. 'Tis way off into the future when it comes to forecasting though.

GloriaSmud Fri 04-Dec-15 20:41:04

Getting blustery here (beginning to regret putting our Christmas tree out by the front door as it's blown over several times. I've now weighted the stand down with bricks and used gaffer tape to stick several branches to the house wall!)

This storm has been named Storm Desmond by the metoffice. Looks like it has caused problems in Ireland already.

MagpieCursedTea Fri 04-Dec-15 21:04:50

It's very windy here in the north east. I've taken my Christmas wreath off the door as I don't think it would've survived. Also had to lock the cat flap as it was banging so much. The cats are asleep on the sofa and haven't noticed.

Perihelion Sat 05-Dec-15 16:25:00

Wind has been okay in Edinburgh. Don't think it's gone above 60mph gusts. But the rain is getting silly now and we've only got a yellow warning. Red warning for rain today and tomorrow for SW Scotland and NW England shock

Perihelion Sat 05-Dec-15 16:26:43

Am really pleased my new winter wellies arrived 2 days early......grin

Perihelion Sat 05-Dec-15 16:27:10

Am really pleased my new winter wellies arrived 2 days early......grin

MummyZELC Sat 05-Dec-15 16:29:21

North Yorkshire (top right corner of the Dales national park) is flooded with horrendous wind! angry

nannynick Sat 05-Dec-15 18:13:23

River levels map for England and Wales!Map
For Scotland use

kippersmum Sat 05-Dec-15 18:32:06

IOM has been awful, record floods thursday night & we are now under a red weather warning (last one issued 2.5 years ago) for winds up to 85mph. Shitty weather we are used to but Desmond is causing havoc.

Any keen weather watchers might like to see the Manx police fb page. Normally is lists boring stuff but is useful during severe weather & links to all the latest forecasts

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Sat 05-Dec-15 18:33:50

My fence out the front is nearly down. My ten foot trampoline and enclosures upside down in a garden two down and then across from us! Bbqs blown over onto the grass. And my husband's away for work until the 18th. Such a pain in the arse. Stupid wind.

lubeybooby Sat 05-Dec-15 18:48:57

Why is this one (Desmond) going on for so long? All through yesterday evening and today, and wind not forecast to drop much here til about 10am tomorrow. Seems very unusual

GloriaSmud Sat 05-Dec-15 20:41:43

lubey ~ I think it's just down to it being a slow moving system that's dumped a huge amount of rain on already saturated ground. After tonight, everything calms down fairly quickly tomorrow morning.

Appalling conditions in some parts of the country ~ BBC report and Guardian report here.

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 07-Dec-15 08:11:12

I am so sorry I havent been around. Ive been away with no internet access and i feel rubbish that i wasnt able to give a heads up at all.

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 08-Dec-15 18:09:09

more in the same region I'm afraid for tomorrow.

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