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Gale warnings this weekend for England and Wales. rain warnings beyond.

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OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 27-Nov-15 12:59:53

Probably nothing dreadful, but enough to bring down some trees perhaps and cause power disruption in some spots.
met office

Just generally rather blowy over a long period - so not a quick squall and your done. Some western areas could rather struggle to cope with the amount of rain by mid week I'm afraid.

PestoSkiissimos Fri 27-Nov-15 13:01:37

Thanks Kitten smile
It's getting pretty windy down here on the South Coast already

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 27-Nov-15 13:09:33

You're welcome smile Could get pretty wild for a time in your neck of the woods. I love a stormy sea though! (as long as it isn't attacking properties!)

PestoSkiissimos Fri 27-Nov-15 13:19:29

Oh it does get wild down here grin

<<battens down hatches>>

FlameProofBoots Fri 27-Nov-15 13:20:43

Oh blimey. My kids are camping with the Scouts this weekend.

GloriaSmud Sat 28-Nov-15 09:05:01

Beautiful but chilly (3.5c) morning here ~ calm before all the wet and wind arrives!

CantStickCabbage Sun 29-Nov-15 14:15:29

Very wild here - West Yorks. Just had a lively journey home from Bradford including floods, a tree down, and a couple of sets of temporary traffic lights blown over!

ilovesooty Sun 29-Nov-15 14:23:45

I have to drive from West Yorkshire to County Durham and back tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Sun 29-Nov-15 14:34:13

Very windy down here. Even the permanent traffic lights are swaying in the wind.

CantStickCabbage Sun 29-Nov-15 14:45:20

Where are you, Rafals?

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Sun 29-Nov-15 15:15:06

The SW, Can'tStick

So not entirely a stranger to strong winds.,52.41,1594 This is about the most 'interesting' I've ever seen the wind map. The Uk seems a bit burried.

CantStickCabbage Sun 29-Nov-15 21:22:19

Blimey! That's a lively map.

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